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Credit: City of Rochester


New Census data shows that like the rest of the country, Monroe County is aging.

The median age in Monroe County is 38.6, up from 38.5. The median age for the U.S. as a whole is 37.6, up from 37.5.

There are fewer children under the age of 18 in Monroe County:

  • 2010: 168,699
  • 2011: 165,902
  • 2012: 163,561
  • 2013: 162,356

That’s a drop of 4 percent, which will undoubtedly impact schools in coming years.

There are more people aged 65 and older in Monroe County:

  • 2010: 103,594
  • 2011: 105,740
  • 2012: 109,732
  • 2013: 112,935

That’s a 9 percent increase in the number of senior citizens in just a few years! This has major implications for housing, community design, medical care and other services.

But the number of Millennials is up 6 percent. People aged 20-34 in Monroe County:

  • 2010: 149,113
  • 2011: 153,716
  • 2012: 155,980
  • 2013: 158,239

This is more evidence to refute the “brain drain” theory. As for whether this group is procreating, perhaps they are waiting longer, which would help explain the drop in children.


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One Response to Getting Older

  1. I bet the growing number of people in their 20’s living in Monroe County is driven by failure-to-launch kids moving back to Mom and Dad’s house after college.

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