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The U.S. Census released data on business patterns for 2012. I did a comparison for selected retail, restaurants and recreation in the Rochester metropolitan area.

As for retail, the total number of establishments fell from 3,915 in 2002 to 3,548 in 2012. It’s clear the Internet took a bite out of some brick and mortar places. But other trends are revealed, such as the fact we’re buying fewer flowers.

We’re eating out more, with the total number of establishments climbing from 2,014 to 2,240. There are fewer bars, but the number of liquor stores went up.

Recreation patterns show we’re golfing and bowling less, but working out more.

Have a look:







Links of the Day:


– Parents are ridiculously pushy. Kids can’t take criticism and solve their own problems. Such is the state of youth sports in Rochester.

– A poll of New Yorkers shows deep dissatisfaction with Common Core, as well as trust in teachers.

– I found this New York Times piece on Common Core to be overly positive. It makes it seem as if this child must learn these new, wonderful, challenging standards, or fail at life. There was no questioning of the standards themselves.

– Could a lawsuit challenging teacher tenure be filed in New York?

– Do school dress codes inadvertently treat girls as sex objects?

– There are a lot fewer people playing golf in Monroe County.

– Do we really need to drug test eighth-graders? A girl (after my own heart) protested and got booted from the National Honor Society.

– The story of a dad his autistic son who loves the Phillies will touch your heart.

4 Responses to Fewer Stores, More Restaurants, Less Bowling

  1. June 15, 2014 at 7:49 pm theodore kumlander responds:

    what people do not trust teachers?!It couldn’t be the fact that the conservative media and hate radio has been portraying teachers as a bunch of low life carpet baggers. Who don’t give a damn about the students and are only in it for the money?

    This of course has been a campaign to rob teachers of their benefits, pensions and tenure, so the administrator’s can get juicy raises. this called running government more like a business. which means like a Racket.

  2. June 16, 2014 at 7:27 am orielly responds:

    Gee you wouldn’t think that teachers unions who endorse and financially support only dem candiates in every election no matter what would have anything to do with the “mistrust” would ya?

    Or that teachers who poll out at 80 to 85% to be DEM/liberals and have countless examples where they spew their political ideology in their classroom teaching and books used to teach, in virtually any subject, would have any thing to do with the mistrust either? Do ya think?

    No its talk radio’s fault?

    When did they stop teaching taking responsibility for ones actions?

  3. June 18, 2014 at 11:04 am Kevin Yost responds:

    Working out and fitness is healthier than bowling. However, I still miss the decline of bowling. With Clover Lanes about to close and be torn down, maybe a new bowing alley could start down the street in the mostly-vacant Pittsford Colony Plaza, the same plaza were Rookies sports bar and restaurant closed.

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