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Happy New Year! Here are my 2014 predictions. (Mobile friendly version here.) I didn’t do too badly in 2013!


5 Responses to Ten Predictions for 2014

  1. happy new year, Rochester’s best reporter. (no, its not your mom)

  2. all of them except the bills.

  3. I can go along with most of your predictions except for the Bills prediction. I don’t think that they will make the playoffs until there is new ownership, unfortunately,and I definitely don’t think that the succession plan favors fans in Western NY. I think that we will be fortunate to keep the team in Buffalo for more than half of the home games.

    Happy New Year and good luck to you in 2014!

  4. I agree that the future looks good for the Buffalo Bills. I see them in Buffalo for many more years. I also see them in the playoffs next year. As for most of your other predictions….they relate to the City of Rochester and the City School District., I have no idea. As for Duffy, I would say that you reap what you sow. I do not understand how politicians of today can live with themselves. It would be nice to have all people in office be honest, truthful, and look at their positions as doing the people’s work as opposed to enriching themselves.

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