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Crime Scene TapeRochester has a particularly violent month. Eight people have been killed since August 3. Homicides are shocking and devastating and the most high profile measurement of crime in a community.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to look at historical trends in violent crime to put recent violence in perspective. Here is data from the FBI. The first chart is the number of violent crimes. Note the worst years for homicide came in the early ’90s. The best year was 1999. (So far in 2013, 27 people have been killed. In 2012, 36 people were killed.)





This chart looks at the the number of crimes per capita – the violent crime rate:


murder rate


The data will mean different things to different people. Some will say it’s proof the city is a violent place. Others will say crime no worse today than it was 20 years ago – in fact it’s better.


Links of the Day:

– The NSA gets around encryption on websites many of us thought were secure. This is unbelievable.

“The U.S. government has betrayed the Internet.”

– Cuomo wants to get tough on failing schools, but never mentions deconcentrating poverty in schools.

Albany motels house the working poor.

– I interviewed a University of Rochester astrophysicist about why people like to deny science.

One Response to Crime Over Time

  1. One thing about data…you can select certain statistics and interpret the results any way you desire. As for crime over time, I think ACCURATE data may give a glimpse into the trend, but I don’t know if this data is accurate or reported in the same fashion in 1985 as it is today. Comparisons may not tell the complete story. I grew up in the city. Graduated from a city high school in 1968. My observations are that the society of today is clearly different from the society I grew up with. I don’t remember any day care in our schools. As a matter of fact, I can think of only one student who had a baby during our school year. I also remember that any disputes or disagreements that got out of hand were settled by fists. I never saw a gun or knife. I also don’t remember the use of drugs as being so acceptable or wide spread. I also don’t remember my friends only having one parent. I had one friend who had a divorced parent. My conclusion on crime over time data….useless information. The quality of life in the city has taken a drastic turn for the worst. I think this is a reflection on the social engineering policies of the city and state government. Giving people a free check, free housing, free food, free medical, free cell phones, etc has resulted in no self worth and thus violence towards others. It will only continue with the same policies. To listen to the politicians campaign, ALL of them continue to promise free everything to get elected. There is no hope.

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