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survillance-security-camera2The New York state legislature passed a bill allowing speed cameras in New York City. Twenty to 40 cameras would be set up in school zones to catch speeders.

If history is any indication, speed cameras could eventually make their way to Rochester. New York City piloted red light cameras, which are now authorized for Upstate cities. Mayor Tom Richards wasn’t wild about speed cameras when I asked him about the possibility a few months ago:

“The question really becomes you know where those things really work. They’ve have some trouble with them out West. I’m sure you’ve read about it. So tell you what, I’m going to let Mayor Bloomberg try it first – how’s that,” Richards said.

But you never know what could happen down the line. The red light camera program is incredibly lucrative, though there’s debate over their usefulness.


Links of the Day:


– Rochester parents are alarmed by a student survey’s questions about sex. These anonymous surveys are pretty standard in many districts and provide important social data.

– As it considers a Washington, D.C. site, Wegmans discusses how it’s figuring out an urban model.

– An Erie County girl is suring the makers of high fructose corn syrup because she has diabetes.

– The New England Patriots have many exceptions to their proud focus on character.

Streets finally going into Midtown Plaza site. Windstream scheduled to open office next month.

Streets finally going into Midtown Plaza site. Windstream scheduled to open office next month.


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  1. In regards to the subject of the New England Patriots and their proud focus on character…where diid this myth originate and who is idiotic enought to believe it. I can only dream that some owner will REALLY look at character, but alas, winning will always trump character. It is the media that puts athletes on pedestals and create these myths. As for how many people really believe it is unknown,. My guess is not as many as one might think. Just my thoughts…

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