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Source: Brookings Institution

Source: Brookings Institution


Rochester is doing pretty well when it comes to high tech jobs. Brookings Institution found Rochester ranks among top one-third of metros in percentage of STEM jobs. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Brookings decided to include STEM jobs that require technical skill, but do not require a bachelor’s degree, such as machinists and auto techs.

The chart above makes it clear why we care so much about STEM jobs. They pay more. The people in STEM jobs also invent things. These innovators are crucial to growing companies.

This is why I wish our local and state government would focus more on attracting STEM jobs than casino, retail and call center jobs.

(Buffalo is not so hot on the STEM front.)

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9 Responses to STEM Jobs Important

  1. June 10, 2013 at 10:31 am Chris H responds:

    Not only should NYS be promoting STEM jobs as opposed to casino and other low tech jobs – they need to promote technology and science in the schools! We are fighting an uphill battle against other countries that are leap frogging us in the tech sector…

  2. June 10, 2013 at 11:17 am theodore kumlander responds:

    I could never see the sense in giving tax dollars to business to locate a business in a certain area. If the consumer demand is there they will build it anyway.

    Good example Taco Bell in victor it has been busy since it opened, because there was a demand for it.

  3. Who is the government? My answer would be politicians. How do they become the government? My answer would be they are elected. How do they get elected? My answer would be by promising people that they will do the things that they want. What party is in control in New York State? My answer would be the Democratic Party. What does the Democratic Party promise? My answer would be more social services and great benefits for government jobs. Now your blog indicates that you want to know why NYS government doesn’t go after STEM jobs? My answer would be they probably do, but STEM industries are too smart to go to a State with ridiculous high taxes and regulations that are prevalent among the democratic base of liberal thinkers.it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Just my thoughts.

  4. June 11, 2013 at 10:34 am Orielly responds:

    RIT fits this bill.. STEM

    UR – a little with the MED Schools, some on the nuke side, but after that UR Engineering – not an emphasis program any more.

    NAZ and Fisher, Geneseo and Brockport not high up on the STEM programs.

    But we hear so much about the Warner school, the womens rights programs at Brockport,and NAZ social programs. Those are the lead programs if you read much on the area schools.

    STEM here is not as big as it could be or should be because only one university stress’s it .. RIT. And as far as the Media is concerned covering RIT Engineering or The Women’s rights program at Brockport, Brockport wins hands down. (Funny too that its now approaching 60% vs 40% women outnumbering men in higher education)

    IF it is important lets cover it MEDIA, vs the Warner schools 1000th PHd in Education, a graduate future EDU leader, who will be a SUPER or other EDu leader, who likely never took an engineering or higher level math course.

    • What? UR not STEM? False, they have a massive engineering school, the best optics program in the country, the second biggest laser in the world, and probably employ more than half of the Rochester-area STEM jobs at strong.

      Also, I can’t speak for Fisher or Brockport, but Biology is the largest non-education major at Geneseo, and the Biology/Chem/Biochem/Physics departments are all really awesome and pump out huge amounts of majors a year. In fact the two newest buildings on campus are the Integrated Science Center (Chem, Earth Science, Physics, and Bio) and South Hall (Math and the School of Business)

      • June 21, 2013 at 9:00 pm orielly responds:

        Massive Engineering school at the UR? Massive in terms of number of graduates? Compared to who? Massive in terms of the percentage of grads that get engineering degrees? I would say massive in either is not warranted. They have a big laser .. SO What? They employ more Stems because they have to to run a hospital. Would they without it? NO

  5. MCC has great STEM programs, but no one seems to talk about it.Rochester has a lot of small machine shops producing high tech niche equipment. These are jobs a kid could get by going to MCC and learning how to operate a high tech machine, but we’d rather focus on 4 year degrees and big name colleges. These jobs could get city kids out of poverty, they are attainable jobs with some schooling and a lot of apprenticeship. I bet if someone went out and talked to these shops they are worried about a potential brain drain when their baby boomer employees retire.

  6. I want to ask all posters to this blog to consider one thing, and that is your knowledge of the ENTIRE situation.

    Conceptually (in a textbook situation) some parts of the TAX FREE area may sound good. However, that assumes that every state that wants businesses to locate in their boundaries has the same set of rules.

    That is NOT TRUE.

    The regulations in NY make it very UNFRIENDLY from an employer standpoint. Did you know that if a worker comes to work after being out partying all weekend and without sleep for 72 hours and falls off some scaffolding and injures himself it is the employer’s fault? That is just one example of NY’s laws that make it undesireable to employers.
    The cost of Worker’s Compensation Insurance is ridiculous here.
    Try to understand the complex sales tax laws of NY. They are so complex that even the state auditors are unsure of them. (sometimes marshmallows are taxable and sometimes they are not – are they a candy or a baking supply??; if a Twix bar is located in the candy aisle it is taxable but if it is in the cookie aisle it may not be).
    The minutae and forms that an employer must adhere to make it a very onerous place to locate.
    Until NY makes simple, understandable and fair, employers will not make it their first choice to relocate to.
    Right or wrong, NY will make you litigate (which means pay attorney fees) to prove your point.

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