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Bowling shoeState Senator Pat Gallivan of the Buffalo area has introduced a bill that would prevent “bowling for dollars.”

The law (read the bill here) would require bowling alleys to post signs at exits warning bowlers not to wear their bowling shoes outside. The alleys would then be protected from lawsuits filed by people who slip and fall in their bowling shoes.

The Albany Times Union reports:

While this sounds about as common as 300-point game, those in the bowling business say slip-and-fall lawsuits roll in with regularity.

And they’ve become more common since New York’s indoor smoking ban took effect in 2003. These days, those seeking a smoke go outside. But if it’s rainy or snowy, leather-soled bowling shoes can become wet and slippery, thus the increased risk of injury. Some centers try to keep their shoes indoors. “We try to enforce that,” said Brian Loudermilk of Schenectady’s Boulevard Bowl. They also let people keep their street shoes with them to use if they want to go outside, he said.

So far, the bill hasn’t gotten out of the gutter – er – committee.

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6 Responses to Bowling Shoes Bill

  1. Ah, remember the days when bowling shoes were so cool you wanted to swipe them from the alley and leave your PF Flyers or Keds in their place?

  2. Why does there have to be a law for this? Why not let each owner of a bowling alley post the sign if he/she wants to?

    If a bowling alley doesn’t have the sign up, will there be a penalty/fine? If no sign is up will they get a warning? Will there be a three strikes rule?

    Please spare us from this turkey of a law!!

  3. May 22, 2013 at 10:41 am Booored...man...street responds:

    The canned craft beer thing has been coming for a while
    I love it, cans are much more convenient and portable for tailgates, the beach, etc., plus no risk of broken glass.

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  5. May 23, 2013 at 5:45 am TechnologyProfessional responds:

    The reason that the law is needed is not for the signs, it is for the other half of the quid-pro-quo: “The alleys would then be protected from lawsuits…”.

    The law must include restrictions on suits for complying businesses that give them more protection than they have today.

    • I understand the protection element, but does this need to be a law???
      We have WAY too many laws on the books and many are never used or enforced.
      If this law IS enacted, the only punishment would be to the alley owner who didn’t post a sign – the person the law was meant to protect.
      Why not just inform them that the sign would protect them?
      We really are not all mindless sheep.

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