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I finally sat down and played with Google Art’s collection of George Eastman House images. The museum is the first photography museum – the world’s oldest – to join the project.

Users can zoom into the digitized images. There are 50 photographs covering the 1840s through the late 20th century. It’s a wonderful trip back in time. Artists, photography buffs and historians alike will enjoy the collection.

Soon, a virtual tour of the museum house and grounds will be available as part of Google’s Street View project.

Links of the Day:

The Syracuse Sky Chiefs baseball team is in financial trouble.

– I blogged recently about the Syracuse basketball program’s abysmal graduation rate. Many people excused the poor showing by saying the players leave early to make millions in the NBA. That’s not true, as this paltry list shows.

– Danny Wegman originally thought getting minority kids to work in the family stores through Hillside Work Scholarship was “nuts.”

– Once again, music, art and gym suffer for Rochester kids under pressure to perform well on tests. Funding is also an issue.

– Should we be pushing for universal pre-kindergarten? 

Rochester was named an unexpected techie city.

3 Responses to Back in Time

  1. April 11, 2013 at 1:15 pm theodore kumlander responds:

    i love that historical pictures and links you post. history is so important but so quickly forgotten.

  2. April 11, 2013 at 5:02 pm lynn e responds:

    Good for those parents who are refusing to have their kids tested. Think how scary it must be if the parent is a teacher. Parents need to learn not to just object to standardized testing but Race To The. Top (RTTP) and NCLB, and the Common Core Standards, which are actually copyrighted and making money for an organization. Standards education which was presented in a harmless sounding way in the 1990s paved the way for standardization and was meant to do that. We need to demand the standards idea in education. People are not alike from day one and shouldn’t be expected to be. Lawyers for NYSED are developing ways yo scare parents and kids into relenting to the testing. Statements like read the student handbook, it is expected that everyone take the test, etc. are being devised to intimidate kids and parents. It is allowed to get a note from the child.’s doctor to exempt them for the test. As for universal pre-k as long as it is not based on the Common Core or academically based, it is a good idea. It needs to be designed for appropriate child development with free play and naps. Kids’ native language needs to be developed before 5 so that is a consideration. Taxes from cigarettes shouldn’t be used. If too high, cigarettes will be sold on a black market and the country shouldn’t be getting addicted to making money off of an addiction. It will discourage the government from working on projects to cease smoking and Pitcairn tax that hurts the poor most.

  3. April 11, 2013 at 5:03 pm lynn e responds:

    Good ole auto correct. It is a tax that hurts the poor the most.

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