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Have you noticed the prepared food section at Wegmans now has a gorgeous vegetarian bar? The entrees include chickenless Florentine and sesame (non) chicken. I’m not on a vegetarian diet, but the food looks and tastes delicious.

Wegmans is taking its vegetarian expertise to the frozen food aisle, according to a blog post by Mary Ellen Burris. The supermarket came out with a line of $3.99 products with names such as “Don’t Be Chicken” and “Don’t Have a Cow.” The soy-based products feature meat-like crumbles, nuggets and strips. Burris writes:

Our Pittsford store culinary team, led by Eric Wendorff, developed some items for the new Prepared Foods Veggie Bar; these sold so well we worked with the supplier (Gardein in Vancouver, B.C.) on a line of frozen Wegmans brand meat alternatives. Gardein says that their product is made from soy, wheat and pea proteins, vegetables and ancient grains (quinoa, amaranth, millet and kamut).

The advancement in meat substitutes has been very interesting and is appreciated by many people watching their diets.

Update: I went and checked out the chicken-less chicken myself!

Wegmans has a video of how to make Vegetarian Bolognese:


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