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New York State Lottery

New York State Lottery

Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled his 2012-13 budget proposal today. It contained a proposal that will set gambling addiction counselors on edge.

Cuomo wants to expand Quick Draw, making it available anywhere that sells lottery tickets. The proposal would allow very small stores to sell Quick Draw. Cuomo hopes the measure brings in an extra $24 million. Last year, it brought in $67 million.

Quick Draw is known as “video crack.” There are drawings every few minutes nearly 24 hours a day.

When the state introduced Quick Draw in 1995, Donald Trump sued, considering the keno-style games competition for his casinos. He told the New York Times it was the “most highly-addictive form of gambling:”

Although his casinos are only a car drive away in Atlantic City, Mr. Trump said the the game poses little competition. What concerns him, he said, is the game’s effect on the residents of New York, and ultimately, on the state.

“People won’t be paying rent,” Mr. Trump said. “They won’t be buying cars, food or clothing. The big problem will be that your welfare rolls will go up. There may be some overflow with my casinos, but the big loser will be the state.”

If you want to see the impact of Quick Draw, visit World Wide News sometime. Assuming the store still has the games, you’ll see a large table where people sit and play, sometimes for extended periods of time.

I asked a friend who has worked in his family’s corner stores in Rochester the potential impact of a Quick Draw expansion. Would mini-casinos pop up in residential neighborhoods with large concentrations of bodegas?

“You have (store owners) who won’t do the Quick Draw specifically for that reason. They want people in and out. They don’t want people hanging around. It’s not enticing enough at 6 percent profit,” my friend said.

But there will be some small stores that could jump right in. Those stores might not have a problem with people hanging around all day playing lottery. With the city worried about loitering and crime around corner stores, could Quick Draw make things worse?

A bigger question surrounding Quick Draw is whether the government should be supplying this game and reaping the profits.

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2 Responses to Video Crack Expansion

  1. January 22, 2013 at 9:36 pm Ginny Maier responds:

    I’m not a fan of expanding gambling, but it’s a little rich to read Donald Trump expressing worry that people might be spending their rent money on gambling. Real humanitarian, that guy.

  2. May 7, 2013 at 1:18 pm Chung Mccraw responds:

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