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Here are my predictions for 2013. (You can see my predictions for 2012 here and a mobile-friendly version of 2013 predictions here.)


Links of the Day:

– New York state has subsidized the gun manufacturer that makes the Bushmaster .223, the same model used in the Webster and Newtown killings.

– Lifetime is doing a movie on the ex-University of Rochester student who killed his dad and maimed his mom. It will be called “Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story.”

Do not send more teddy bears to Newtown.

– To spur development, one idea is to tax land at higher rate than improvements.

Deadspin pans the Buffalo Bills stadium deal.

9 Responses to Ten Predictions for 2013

  1. December 28, 2012 at 3:08 pm theodore kumlander responds:

    those are very good predictions. as 2013 unwinds i think obamacare will bring more jobs to the area as employers are relived of health cre costs. as far as Costco is concerned I don\’t see where there is much market left for them B.J.s and Sams have got it all.

    if the big tech park is built in Batavia or at the old elmgrove plant that could change Rochester in a major way.

    2013 coul be a very good year for the Rochester area.

  2. Disagree about Medley. I don\’t believe Arnie has any real money lined up and Congel\’s credibility is in the toilet. The rest are spot on. Hope you\’re right about MCC. Moving it to Kodak will cost every student who rides the bus an extra $2/day catching buses crossing town from the Transit Center. An instant $400/year increase in education costs.
    Add in a $20 million downtown startup accelerator…

  3. December 29, 2012 at 10:44 am lellingw responds:

    The Medley Center is a dog. If there weren\’t tax credits to be found with local and state government, those \”investors\” wouldn\’t be around. Time to stop the argument that there isn\’t anybody else. It\’s like a building someone turned into a restaurant and the restaurants keep closing down but some other person opens up a restaurant in exactly the same place. Don\’t know about MCC, there is a drop of students since a new law began in July 1st, 2012. Students without a GED or high school diploma are barred from receiving federal aid and even if the students self pay there is a formula for punishing colleges for admitting these students. While someone may argue that with American students that they definitely should get a GED or high school diploma before going to community college, there are refugees and immigrants who might have come too late to earn a high school diploma here or were affected by war or circumstance from getting a diploma or an equivalent in their home country. GED equivalency tests aren\’t suitable for these students because they test reading comprehension in English and the student would have to be fluent in English and academics before hand. ESOL classes at MCC allowed students to learn English and take some academic courses together which helped a lot.

  4. December 29, 2012 at 2:51 pm Edward Richards responds:

    Romeo? Romeo? U have got to be bull #### ing me.

    Who ever thought this kid was a romeo? Poor taste!

  5. Employers being \”relieved\” of health care costs from Obama care will have absolutely no effect on hiring.

    Most employers owners of small companies will see higher personal taxes stopping them from hiring people. Companies hire people because their business is doing better and they need more people to make more money. They make money off employees or they don\’t hire them.

    As far as MCC and KODAK – ya can\’t have it both ways.

    IF downtown living becomes a \”boom\” with wild growth, as has been stated here, then more money can be made off condos and lofts in Sibley\’s than MCC renting it. And who wants to live where MCC students go to school every day? So Kodak will win MCC vs Sibley\’s. Kodak and its power want it, REPs want it there, MCC BOT and PREZ want it at Kodak, and the Sibleys developer really doesn\’t want MCC if condos can work there. If MCC doesn\’t move to Kodak, DT growth in Condos and people living DT will suffer a major set back.

    A FREE Bus hourly or better, is offered today from MCC DT to MCC Main. It would seem more than likely that a FREE bus will take Students from DT to MCC Kodak and from MCC kodak to MCC Main. The transfer costs are not an issue.

    The 1000s of daily trips required between the two MCC campus\’s, when all students could be housed at MCC Main, with no new Building needed, is of course never considered or mentioned in ANY discussions. Funny how the left and DEMS only call out GREEN issues when it benefits their plans.

    If their plans like MCC DT are really anti Green, they then don\’t care about Green issues.

  6. Very depressing…but likely true on all your predictions. You have an insiders edge being close to the action as a reporter. I was hoping common sense would prevail in the MCC to Kodak plan. Unfortunately, money and power will prevail everytime. I don\’t understand how Tom Richards is the mayor and who would continue to support him. It\’s a no-bainer on the continued failures of the RCSD. Failure equals money and jobs to the RCSD. If they were to show progress, they would loose. Blaming the inner loop for failure of the city to expand and be prosperous is ridiculous. My one prediction…all these high priced condos and apartments will end up as cheap subsidized housing. Crime will rise as a result. Downtown will continue to be a dump. I wish it wasn\’t so, but you can\’t continue to expand free money giveaways, encouraging generations that welfare as a way of life, and destroying the basic family structure, and expect economic growth and prosperity.

  7. December 31, 2012 at 12:28 pm Peking Humonculous responds:

    Exactly, OAJ- the same people who somehow think a single casino would save a poorly-run city like Niagara Falls, NY are the ones who think filling in the Inner Loop will save a poorly-run city like Rochester, NY. How about we just have some responsible leadership (obviously not Richards) instead of all of these pie-in-the-sky plans that will supposedly deliver us from evil? No, instead our \”leaders\” will continue to give tax breaks to all of their wealthy friends while we, the reliable tax-payers, will continue to foot the bill.

    And Orielly- you couldn\’t be more spot-on about the \”green\” hypocrisy. Remember- Democrats can do no wrong! (In their minds and the minds of the \”objective\” media.)

  8. Filling in the east side of the inner loop is a good idea for several reasons. First being that the below grade section will need maintenance that is of marginal savings over just filling the thing in. It\’s close to cost neutral, especially given the revenue from the new real estate and frontage created. Second, that area is desirable as a business location, but the inner loop does do a good job of discouraging pedestrian movement from east/Alex to east/gibbs area. It\’ll help turn two small areas of economic activity into a single large area. It\’s not like trying to force people to high falls entertainment district, this is an area that people want to go to and businesses and housing want to be. If it fails it\’ll be because you can\’t expect it to change the city. It\’ll have a greatly positive affect, but it\’ll be focused on that neighborhood. Or if the city merely raises the inner loop. Just raising the eastern inner loop won\’t help. We need to return the original street grid as closely as possible. We want a neighborhood, not just a surface level highway. I\’m very hopeful for this project.

    I really hope mcc moves to Kodak it seems a much better fit. Adults don\’t like being around large groups of 18-25 year olds. Having mcc at sibleys will continue to hurt the areas development as a commercial area with some housing.

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