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I’ve written here before I’m not a fan of banners branding a neighborhood. Signs don’t give a neighborhood an identity. The architecture, businesses, residences, streets and people do. People shouldn’t need banners to know they’re in the East End.

Main Street has terribly faded, dated banners. There’s one touting Lake Ontario, even though it’s winter and it’s hung on a pole downtown. They need to be removed or replaced.

BannerThe city has decided to replace them. The new banners, according to a request for bids, will feature flowers. Lilacs, pansies, crocuses and tulips. We are the Flower City, after all. There will also be holiday-themed banners with candles and wreaths. The city wants a total of 310 durable banners. I have no idea what these would cost.

These banners will definitely be an improvement. At least they won’t be declaring the obvious – that you’re downtown. It seems these will be purely decorative.


Links of the Day:

– Little Rock’s plan to revive Main Street involves the arts No such thinking in Rochester.

– Sibley’s new owners hope to convince MCC to stay. Upgrades are starting.

– The South Wedge has been recommended for historic registers.

– A Rochester security guard has been exonerated in a June shooting. Should have ever have been charged?

– Want to own a piece of the Dryden Theater? Eastman House selling the seats! $10 each.

– Count me among those who think these “26” tributes to Newtown victims should include Nancy Lanza. Sure, we can judge her decision to own guns. But can we stop the mommy-bashing when the woman was shot to death? By all accounts, she loved her son and tried to get him help.

Dear Cable, I’m glad we broke up. 

5 Responses to Main Street Banners

  1. Not going to lie: these things look more like the side of a can of air freshener than anything else. Hope this wasn’t a costly affair…

  2. What is the cost? Who cares? Anyone?

    The city has no money ….we have heard that countless times. Why do they (we) have no money? Its just like the Federal Govt. It’s not an issue of taxes, we are way over taxed. Its an issue of spending.

    So why is the city with no money spending money on this? (banners) … and countless other things?

    What will it cost? If its a nickel its too much.

    I would guess this is at least a 30K to 50K banner program. That’s not a nickel to me.

    When they spend money on things like this, they deserve no sympathy or concern when they come before us and claim they have no money. And we certainly shouldn’t support their tax increase requests and we should severely question their justifications.

    And the press should lead on these questions and skepticism– that they are broke.

  3. I’m kind of confused about this post. Is it a critique on the city spending money on banners or that banners, in general, have no function? They look nice when they first go up, I guess. I never really thought about it until reading this post. Certainly, if the cost of installing, repairing and replacing them doesn’t make economic sense, then we probably shouldn’t have them. Is this the case? They do help visitors know what place/ neighborhood they are in. To be honest I’m not sure why I’m commenting. OK now I’m just rambling.

  4. At least they won’t say center city. Whoever thought of that moronic name for downtown needs a kick in the head

  5. I like the banners. Not everybody is Rachel Barnhart and knows what neighborhood is what based on the architecture. They help better identify neighborhoods for people not from there and to create more of a unified feel for those that do live there. Plus they help make the city look nicer, which has all kinds of benefits.

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