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Rochester economic performance indicators among 300 worldwide metros.                           Source: Brookings Institution


The Brookings Institution came out with its “Global Metro Monitor” comparing 300 of the world’s largest cities. I was stunned at the relative lack of growth in the Rochester region between 1993 and 2007. We saw only .2 percent job growth during this time? All of Upstate New York essentially flatlined for two decades.

Today, it’s encouraging Rochester is adding jobs at a faster pace, but there’s a lot of lost ground to cover.

Links of the Day:

- A Rochester man claims he had millions of dollars of baseball cards stolen. The strange tale ended with a federal jury verdict.

- The Buffalo News compared rates of procedures and tests for Medicaid patients in various cities. For example, Rochester Medicaid patients are twice as likely to have a procedure to get their arteries unclogged.

- Should the Syracuse police chief go around saying Bernie Fine’s accusers are credible, even though no charges were filed and there won’t be a vetting of evidence?

- Ever get mad at sidewalk cyclists? “Badly-behaved cyclists are usually just cyclists with inadequate infrastructure. Or none at all.”