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Television news covers its fair share of crime. I think we cover crime too often and I think we tend to cover the same kinds of crimes. Often, it seems child molesters, drunk drivers and “bad moms”  get disproportionate coverage.

Today, I covered crime. I interviewed two victims of two separate crimes. They’re innocent people whose lives are not the same because of the decisions of a stranger. They’re people we don’t often hear about. What happened to them was serious, but these victims rarely tell their stories on television news. Sometimes, we don’t ask.

The first crime victim I interviewed was Sherry Argro. She almost died one year ago this week when she was struck by a drunk, texting driver who left the scene. Sherry had a broken leg and pelvis, a cracked diaphragm, ruptured spleen and a collapsed lung. She had seven surgeries. Sherry celebrated her 40th birthday on Tuesday. Amazingly, she has kind words for the young driver who took away her ability to work and walk normally:

“I just hope she gets the help that she needs and the counseling that she needs,” Argro said. “Hopefully she can get her life back together, as well as me trying to get mine back together.”

The second crime victim I interviewed was Dave Cooper. He walked or biked to his job at RTS every day for 15 years. Last month, he was beaten and robbed. His face and nose and fingers were fractured. When a passerby found him, Cooper asked to be taken to work before the hospital because he didn’t want his bosses to think he didn’t show up. Cooper is mostly recovered, but he’s not the same:

“It bothers me because I enjoy walking,” he said. “I don’t feel like I can walk, feel safe walking anymore after dark.”

Life isn’t fair, is it?

Argro and Cooper didn’t deserve what happened to them. But thank goodness, they’re alive. And they got to tell their stories.

Links of the Day:

A Buffalo pastor forgave his son’s killer.

– Jean-Claude Brizard says his Chicago communications director undermined him. Great read.

– An Onondaga County village stopped adding fluoride to the water. Pipes are more important than teeth, apparently.

– Rochester is shorted on road funding. Why does this not surprise me?

– “After an hour in the cold, I can report that Paula Broadwell eats food and wears sweaters.” Some reporter stakeouts are so dumb.

– Explore a cave in Lower Falls.

2 Responses to The Other Victims

  1. I feel sorry for Sherry Argro. Makes me not want to drive…

    And I understand Dave Cooper’s concern with walking after dark now. How do you think I felt when I was beaten and mugged in BROAD DAYLIGHT on Culver Road of all places this Summer in front of 2 witnesses who laughed at me? You’re right. Life isn’t fair.

  2. So it’s unsafe to walk and it’s unsafe to drive. Life in general is unsafe. You take a risk every time you walk out the door.

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