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Happy Election Day!

Rochester played a huge rule in women getting the right to vote. The first lever voting machines were widely deployed and manufactured here. As we cast or ballots today, let’s remember our great history and civic duty.

(Links of the Day at end.)

Before the age of Twitter, this was how people found out election results. Huge crowds waited outside the Democrat and Chronicle in 1930 to see who won.


A suffrage parade in 1914 on West Main St.


A woman gets instruction on her first trip to a polling place. This was taken around 1918.


Lisbon St., Rochester, 1918. Women learning how to vote.


In 1919, people learned how to use new voting machines. (Is this the County Office Building?)


In 1954, East Rochester Mayor Paul Bower settles a tie vote for village trustee by picking a name out of a hat. Each candidate got 1,021 votes.

Links of the Day:

– Rochester parking enforcement officers and police write a lot of tickets in error. But were they really errors?

– Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted the state’s utilities in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

– An architecture photographer explains how he got an amazing aerial picture of Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy.

– This is a fantastic (long) read about neighborhoods, segregation and poverty.

– Southwest Airlines flew an Albany woman and a butterfly to Texas for free. Wait until you find out why.

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