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Our airport is called the Greater Rochester International Airport. A new study details international travel out of Rochester.

The Brookings Institution found:

– In 2011, 174,527 international traveled arrived and departed from the Rochester airport.

– International travel to and from Rochester increased 14 percent from 2003.

– Rochester is ranked 57th of 90 metro areas in international travel.

– More people are traveling between Rochester and Latin American and the Caribbean, accounting for 36 percent of international travel in 2011, up 48 percent from 2003.

– Fewer people are traveling between Rochester and Western Europe. These trips made up 33 percent of international travel in 2011, down 3 percent from 2003.

– Travel to and from Asia is down 9 percent from 2003, making up 7 percent of Rochester’s international travel in 2011.

– Travel to Eastern Europe increased 60 percent between 2003 and 2011, accounting for 4 percent of international travel to and from Rochester.

– Travel to and from the Middle East went up 168 percent between 2003 and 2011, accounting for 3 percent of Rochester’s international travel. Travel to Sub-Saharan African doubled during this time, making up 2 percent of international travel.

– About 4 percent of Rochester travelers can fly direct to their destinations.

Here are the top five international destinations for Rochester passengers and the percentage travel changed between 2003-2011:

  • 1. Cancun (up 132 percent)
  • 2. London (down 26 percent)
  • 3. Montego Bay (up 81 percent)
  • 4. Paris (down 24 percent)
  • 5. Punta Cana, D.R. (up 475 percent)

Links of the Day:

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2 Responses to Yes, Airport is International

  1. The numbers are a bit skewed as International travel has increased, but the only reason the ROC airport is “International” is because there are flights to only Toronto.

  2. 1-How much do you want to bet whomever it was that collected the data counted Puerto Rico and The US Virgin Island as ‘International”? (we own them……)
    2-I consider ‘international’ leaving an airport in one country, on one plane and arriving in a different country on the same plane. I think there are direct flights to Canada, but otherwise the airport isn’t ‘International” capital I to most people.
    Connecting to JFK, LAX, Miami, etc. doesn’t make your ‘pre-flight’ flight international, it makes it a domestic connecting flight. Brookings might have figured out how many area residents travel internationally (again likely forgetting that the US owns territories around the world that are “The US”), but our airport counting them as “International” travelers would be like Amtrak counting someone who takes the train to NY and then flies to Paris.
    I’m just saying…….. 😉

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