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Governor Andrew Cuomo is shaking up his tourism agency to get more people to visit Upstate New York. The New York Daily News reports:

“The governor has made it clear that he’s not happy with the tourism effort to date,” an administration source said.

“He wants to do a better job with promoting, marketing and branding.”


Cuomo, the aide said, wants a “more comprehensive effort” that could include ads, better coordination with tour operators, and close interactions with local economic development councils.

The initiative will start with the hiring of a tourism and economic development expert and additional staff.

The state might want to start with its I Love New York website.

Under “History and Culture,” if you click on “Finger Lakes,” you’ll learn about the Syracuse theater scene. Last I checked, Syracuse is in Central New York, not the Finger Lakes. The website shifts Central New York to east and parcels out the Southern Tier into other regions. Did the people who designed this site know anything about Upstate New York?

On the Finger Lakes page, there’s no mention here of the Susan B. Anthony House, Seneca Falls women’s rights convention site, George Eastman House, Strong Museum or the Rochester International Jazz Festival. There’s plenty of emphasis on the wine region, but you have to click on “cities and towns” to learn more about Rochester’s attractions.

How is this possible? Governor Cuomo, at least hire people who know basic geography. That tourism website is an insult to Rochesterians.

(If you want to know more about Rochester tourism, go here.)

Update: A state official told me Syracuse was purposefully selected to be in the Finger Lakes vacation region back in the 1980s. Also, the highlighted attractions rotate based on the season. “We don’t want people to think we forgot Rochester.”

Links of the Day:

– Governor Cuomo hasn’t visited Niagara Falls. Maybe it’s because residents are mad at him.

– There are huge political risks for Govenor Cuomo in the decision over whether to allow hyrdrofracking. States like Ohio and Pennsylvania won’t look kindly on a ban, should he decide to run for president.

– In an important ruling, the state appellate court in Rochester ruled a case against the gun industry related to a Buffalo shooting can proceed.

– Doctors are openly prescribing ADHD medication to children who don’t have the disorder, but don’t do well in school.

The computer mouse faces extinction.

4 Responses to I Love NY Fail

  1. The problem is pediatricians are writing prescriptions for psychotropic drugs. Kids should be properly diagnosed and the vast majority will never be. It also happens with adults whose primary doctors write a prescription. Its cheaper and there are rarely complaints. Managed care probably loves it as do drug companies.

  2. Actually, Parts of Skaneateles and Otisco lakes are in Onondaga County, so it’s not totally outrageous to put Syracuse in the “Finger Lakes” region. That’s no excuse for ignoring Rochester, though.

    The Southern Tier is a nice travel region, too, but it does overlap the Finger Lakes and Western New York. Ithaca, for example, is usually considered Southern Tier, but it’s right on Cayuga Lake.

    • October 17, 2012 at 7:17 pm Rachel Barnhart responds:

      I see your point, but Syracuse does not identify itself as being part of the Finger Lakes. It identifies itself as being part of Central New York. The Regional Economic councils appropriately reflect metropolitan regions.

  3. the state shafts Rochester again, not a suprise. It’s amazing how on the national level Syracuse seems to be more well known than Rochester, despite our much greater size and being the home or birth place to a many large companies.

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