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Turns out, it didn’t pay to Get Motivated.

The financial seminar-on-tour featuring speeches by famous people swung into Rochester last summer. Blue Cross Arena was filled to the brim. Companies organized day-trips to the seminar. I spotted many employees of the City of Rochester. Some attendees were down on their luck and looking for inspiration.

The event had the feel of a combined church service, infomercial and self-help audio tape.

People were lured by fame and $1.95 tickets to an event whose sole purpose was to get them to subscribe to dubious financial products. Did the companies sponsoring trips downtown disclose to employees they would have to give up their email addresses at the door and be subjected to sales pitches between listening to Bill Cosby and Colin Powell?

Did anyone wonder how Get Motivated managed to pay such illustrious speakers while charging less than it cost to park? No one cared, as long as they got to hear famous people.

A year later, Get Motivated went belly up after its June event in Buffalo was sparsely attended. Bloomberg reports the organization has left a trail of bills, unfilled promises and financial damage to devotees:

The seminars were actually vehicles for investment firms to sell courses in stock options and other trading tactics from the same stage where luminaries held forth, according to a Bloomberg News report.

Commercial presenters promoted annual returns of as much as 25 percent. A Michigan pastor said he lost $11,500 trading options after paying $12,000 for classes advertised at a Get Motivated seminar.


At Get Motivated’s last stop in Buffalo on June 12, the 18,690-seat First Niagara Center was less than half full. Cosby, in a blue University at Buffalo sweatshirt and sweatpants, mixed one-liners with an appeal for seminargoers to listen to the speakers selling financial instruction.

“All these millionaires are coming up and telling you how to make it,” he said. “Come on, understand what they’re saying. Get up.”

Bill Cosby wasn’t hawking Jello. He was selling get-rich-quick schemes to people who could least afford it.

Get Motivated proved the draw of fame and fortune – and really good marketing – remains as powerful as ever.

Links of the Day:

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7 Responses to Get Motivated’s Shame

  1. September 7, 2012 at 1:02 pm theodore kumlander responds:

    how low the mighty have fallen. Bill Cosby hustling a motvational scam. what a shame.

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  3. More false hope from the “pull yourself up by your boot-straps crowd.” Quelle surprise.

  4. September 7, 2012 at 11:35 pm Eduardo Ricardo responds:

    Get motivated to call the Police and arrest these people. COME ON!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!
    Integrity check anyone? Anyone.

    Going one.

    Going twice.

    SOLD…. to the stupid, fat Rochesterian who continues to vote Democrat and to the fools who put their company credit card down to wager on a such a scheme to defraud as foolish, obvious and phony and this.

    Shame on City politics for booking events with no integrity. Shame on the City Police, the Mayor and Office of Public Integrity for allowing “Get Motivated” to occur. Shame on this life without shame. In the name of community building, this was an all time low.

    Speaking of no integrity, when is professional wrestling coming to town?

    • September 8, 2012 at 8:24 am Ginny Maier responds:

      Hmm, why would you bring political party into this? Look at the list of speakers who received 5 or 6 figures and were willing to use their celebrity in this way…including Colin Powell, Rudy Guiliani, Steve Forbes, Laura Bush. All prominent Republicans.

  5. Anyone who goes to industry conventions should have some general idea how much speakers of the caliber of those in “Get Motivated” would go for. We’re talking 20k, 50k or more for some of these people for a 45 minute talk. You would have to be pretty naive to expect that these speakers were doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. There had to be a money-making angle somewhere with this.

    On the other hand, it certainly does tarnish people like Colin Powell and Rudy Giulani to be associated with this scam. Powell, at least, has been featured in several industry conferences over the last couple of years, so the guy should know better. You would think that protecting a reputation would be more important to these people.

  6. I was dragged to that. I couldn’t believe how many sheeple lined up for the courses, practically begging them to take their credit cards. They pushed the infomercials a bit too much near the end, and I just got up and left.

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