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It’s pretty clear Xerox is no longer just a company making copiers. I’m amazed at the services Xerox now provides:

All of this has implications for Rochester and the company’s future. Service jobs generally don’t pay as well as R&D and manufacturing jobs. But the company’s transformation is fascinating watch. If you missed it, Xerox released the video below earlier this year to describe its new mission:

Links of the Day:

– Harper Sibley is giving up his dream of starting another ferry service in Rochester.

– Monroe County will now Google vendors before giving them contracts.

– Destiny USA looks like a prison, so the mall is adding “architectural elements.”

Child care costs exceed rent in most states.

3 Responses to What Doesn’t Xerox Do?

  1. August 17, 2012 at 3:37 pm RaChaCha responds:

    …and the obvious comment: look where Xerox is now as compared to Kodak (hint: not on its way to the business graveyard). It’s just too bad Xerox didn’t get a clue sooner—like when it controlled many of the pieces of the personal computer and internet revolutions.

    Hey Harper, why not give a ferry service between Rochester and Toronto a try–? I mean, what could go wrong??

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