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I attended a press conference announcing this year’s Greentopia Festival, an event focused on sustainability. It was so popular last year, it has expanded and will include music, movies, innovation workshops, displays and food.

Don’t be afraid of tree-hugging hipsters. Aside from genuinely cool offerings, the festival, which runs from September 10-16, is a ridiculously brilliant excuse to visit High Falls.

I love High Falls. I love its history, its beauty, its potential. I might be a little in love with the Garden Aerial project. Garden Aerial is akin to New York City’s High Line, a raised pedestrian walkway lined with greenery. I could see a similar effort on the sterile Pont de Rennes.

I remain frustrated this gem of a district is underutilized and under-appreciated.

I was struck today by the absence of 13 Cataract St. I thought it was a majestic building and I was very sorry to see it go, though I understand the reasons for the demolition. I would love to see Genesee Brewery put up something other than a parking lot in that space. The brewery has talked about putting up a stage. Other ideas include a wintergarden.

Here are before an after pictures. Notice how Genesee has painted its buildings and improved the property. There could be hope yet for High Falls…

2001 (Wikipedia Commons)


Links of the Day:

– A lawsuit filed against the Marion Central School District over bullying has been settled. But the district won’t release the details.

– Kodak’s patent auction appears troubled. Kodak may keep it’s patents after all, signaling “there’s no bonanza.”

Mitt Romney promises to end subsidies for Amtrak.

– Reading about downtown Austin’s success makes me jealous.

– You that expression “First World Problems?” I never liked it. Now I know why.

Buffalo has a beekeeping priest.

5 Responses to Hope for High Falls

  1. the before and after photos are of different sides of the bridge- doesn’t really help to see a change

  2. Rachel is right. They are both looking east. You can see on the top one what is the Genesee Brewery property, the now demo’d Cataract building, and St. Simon’s Terrace high rise to the right. On the top one the Brewery has repainted the buildings on the left, Cataract is now a pile of bricks, and can now see the buildings on the other side of St Paul. The problem with the two pictures is they weren’t taken in the same spot on the bridge. The 2012 picture is way closer to the east side of the bridge than the 2001 pic.

  3. It would have been better if the photographer had been standing in the exact same spot that the first photographer stood.

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