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The appointment of former deputy mayor Patty Malgieri to a top Rochester City School District post is important.

But we don’t know why yet.

Malgieri and her new boss, Bolgen Vargas have to answer why she was brought to the district and what she will be tasked with doing.

Malgieri has long been interested in the district, even considering attending the Broad Superintendent’s Academy while Duffy was angling for mayoral control. She has studied the district as the head of Center for Governmental Research and most recently was in charge of Hillside Work Scholarship.

Vargas announced she would be his new Chief of Staff and then departed for vacation. School board members were stunned. They don’t see a woman who has been critical of the district in the past as an ally.

I have a hunch about what Malgieri will be doing. It won’t have anything to do with instruction, as she’s not certified. I can see her taking on consolidation of city and district services. I can see her advancing a plan for closing schools. I can also see her working with charter schools struggling to find space. Malgieri is a policy and process person who will likely overhaul some district operations.

Vargas and Malgieri will have to discuss the plan, which they are expected to do when he comes back. I’m sure there’s a plan or she wouldn’t have taken the job.

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4 Responses to Malgieri Appointment Important

  1. August 2, 2012 at 9:37 am Ray Grosswirth responds:

    When I worked in City Hall, I was very impressed with Patty Malgieri. Mayor Duffy entrusted her with oversight of departmental performance, and I found her to be very intuitive and was very goal oriented. I will never forget how encouraging she was to me when I discovered what I determined to be an irregularity in financial transactions between the City and three contractors. She followed up and indicated that as a result of my findings, she met with officials to implement policies to correct what I had discovered.

    I believe that Patty will be a wonderful addition to the City School District. She knows how to work with personnel and statistics in such a way that will produce results. She also has an obvious passion for education and the success of students.

    Bob Duffy and Patty Malgieri were a great team in City Hall. Patty does not seek the spotlight; she simply wants to get a job done. The only fault I found with the Duffy-Malgieri team was that I felt City Hall management was too large for a mid-sized city. An example was the size of the Communications Bureau, which continues to take up most of the second floor. My sense is that given the realities of a tight budget within the City School District, the size of management will be kept to a minimum under Patty’s direction.

  2. August 2, 2012 at 12:03 pm walkthewalk1 responds:

    This article highlights the fact that a man whom (a little more than a year ago was employed as as a guidance counselor in a suburban school district, and had zero experience regarding hands-on, day-to-day administrative leadership of any type organization — much less a nearly 1 billion dollar bureaucratic monstrosity, such as the Rochester City School District) — is now making POLITICALLY-MOTIVATED, UNILATERAL DECISIONS regarding the spending of hundreds-of-thousands of taxpayer dollars. As it relates to the so-called Chief of Staff position in particular — it is literally mind-blowing that an individual who is NOT an educator, and has NO formal training in the field — has been hired at a dizzying salary of $155,000 (PLUS BENEFITS) — $21, 186 dollars more than the Mayor of Rochester, and even if the millionaire Mayor had not turned down his raise — the City School District’s unqualified, so-called Chief of Staff would still be making $17,185 more than the Mayor — go figure. But here’s the kicker — we can only imagine the firestorm that would have resulted if the superintendent in a district such as the one in which the former guidance counselor worked — had made such a public announcement — without even attempting to specify what the new, highly-paid, unqualified Chief of Staff’s duties are, and then just skipped town on vacation — a situation which left news reporters literally guessing what the new Chief’s duties might include. UN-DAMN-BELIEVABLE!!!

    Howard J. Eagle

  3. August 4, 2012 at 8:30 am Pete Tonery responds:

    With respect Howard, about everything in your rant is illogical. It is all fallacious reasoning. Just because YOU don’t know what a Chief of Staff duties are does not make it crooked, illegal or Malgieri unqualified. Frankly, you are unqualified to judge, aren’t you? Malgieri has been in city government for a long time and, as others with direct knowledge have pointed out, she has a great deal of experience with the School District. You may claim that a decision is “politically motivated” but without some evidence there is no reason to accept your opinion. “Unilateral?” So what? Bosses hire all the time without anybody else’s permission. Should you be consulted for all Admin hiring too?
    Malgieri has a great reputation and God knows this organization needs all the efficiency and reformation it can get.

  4. August 5, 2012 at 4:52 pm Orielly responds:

    “Malgieri has a great reputation” We’ve heard that before How did she do on THE REN center mess? Did the popl of the city grow or decline when her team was in charge. How did the city run Bar in Charlotte do wasting tax dollars on a private enterprise,? The list is endless. That said, she has no experience in Education. Well hows that been working in the RCSD with all those “experts” in Edu running the show? Failure after Failure after Failure. More $ spend per pupil than any are district but giving us the lowest results by far. But hey the Admins/Teachers all get raises, the kids/teachers get out early Wednesday, so all is well. Less than 50% graduate, the lowest preforming district in the state this year..Yea lets keep those experts running the show. And what do all those associated with running the CSD, have in common? They are all against Vouchers and want to keep the city kids imprisoned in those failing schools.

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