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Last night at the Toby Keith concert at Darien Lake, Genesee County Sheriff’s department made 225 arrests, most for underage drinking. Officers set up checkpoints to nab offenders.

That’s an astounding number of arrests.


Howard Owens of The Batavian has been expertly tracking the concert mayhem this season. He writes:

During the 2011 season, law enforcement issued 526 citations for alleged under-age drinking.

Coming into Sunday’s show, there had already been 353 citations issued. Add in Sunday’s ticket writing and it brings the 2012 total to 578.

The 2012 season is only half over.

Owens points out last night’s concert was much calmer, presumably because the kids had their booze taken away.  Darien Lake and law enforcement have been working on parking and pedestrian plans to cut down on nonsense. Owens says the theme park does contribute to the cost of the police detail.

The sheer number of arrests raises some questions about whether the venue is a public nuisance. However, the benefit of having a major concert venue probably outweighs the costs.

When you announce 225 arrests, it sounds like you have a problem, even if those arrests are part of the solution.

Update: The Buffalo News reports on the huge burden the venue places on police and courts.

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Time to pick blueberries!

4 Responses to Darien Lake Arrests: Problem or Solution?

  1. I wonder how much revenue the small towns around Darien Lake generate from all of the fines and court costs resulting from all of these arrests . My guess is that it is a windfall for the local towns around the park. Granted these kids should not be drinking in the parking lots and if they do not want any problems they just simply need to drink soda instead of beer and the police will not bother them.

  2. July 30, 2012 at 1:56 pm lynn e responds:

    I agree that traffic violations and minor arrests are a boon for small towns but the risk for these kids drinking and driving out of town is great. There have also been some big problems at Darien Lakes maybe it helps to get it under control sooner than later. Don’t want Darken Lakes to become a public nuisance that would be a disaster for the area’s economy.

  3. Few people probably know how the parking lot security for Darien Lake is paid for. Parking lot details of Sheriff’s Deputies and other officers are paid for, during concerts, by the concert promotor. The concert promotor also pays for ambulance and fire services, if needed.

    The only additional cost to taxpayers and/or the Sheriff is the cost of any additional road patrols outside the parking lot (for example, on Route 78 heading back to 90) during those times.

  4. September 6, 2012 at 1:09 pm Havahd St responds:

    Why are there so many arrests at Darien Lake but seemingly none at CMAC? They both have a lot of country artists and are in the country

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