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City of Rochester

Rochester’s public market is about to get a $10 million overhaul. The Democrat and Chronicle reports on plans to build more permanent and weather-proof facilities with better amenities, such as sinks and refrigeration.

But there are concerns the market will become too chic and expensive:

“They want to turn it into a yuppie coffee lounge,” (vendor) Gary Eaton said. “They can do to it whatever they want, as long as they don’t screw it up.”

The yuppie boat may already have sailed. On any given Saturday, dozens of people patronize businesses on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the market, sitting outside with their coffee and pastry while they socialize.

They also rub elbows with recent immigrants speaking some of the more than 30 languages heard at the market, and with low-income people using food stamps to purchase vegetables, meats and slightly out-of-date breads or chips.

“One of the things that makes the market special is the different socioeconomic groups and cultures that all interact together,” (market manager Jim) Farr said. “We want to make sure it’s still accessible (to everyone). It’s not our goal to yuppify it.”

It will be interesting to see how the market evolves. It has been in the same spot since 1905 and has already changed considerably. Click here for historical photos.

Links of the Day:

– Colleges and universities are tax exempt, but use a lot of municipal resources. The Democrat and Chronicle takes a deep look at what area universities pay localities. I don’t buy the argument the colleges are economic drivers and should be spared responsibility. You could use that for any company.

– Western New York has a lot riding on the negotiation of a new stadium lease for the Buffalo Bills. A Buffalo News columnist says the team is a “heartbeat away” from leaving.

– An Albany Times Union columnist takes the governor to task for editing the state archives.

– In a big blow to the standardized testing company used by New York, researchers have found Pearson uses flawed methodology.

– The Toronto Star sent 15 reporters to cover the funeral of an ordinary, unknown woman. Why? Because she is all of us.

– A Buffalo couple is getting remarriedafter spending 50 years apart.

15 Responses to Yuppie Public Market?

  1. Rachel, how do you not buy the argument that colleges are economic drivers? Where would this city be without U of R? U of R brings in 5.5k undergrads and 4.5k grad students who spend a lot of money here during their time, and bring a vibrant scene to the city. They are also the largest employer in upstate bringing 20,000 full-time, well paying, jobs to the city. Without Eastman School of Music we certainly wouldn’t have an orchestra as awesome as the RPO. Without URMC we would certainly have hospitals, but probably not the best hospitals for between NYC and Cleveland. Without the undergrad campus we wouldn’t have a huge amount of tech startups filling the Eastman Business Park. Without U of R (and their commitment to the city), Rochester would be no different from Buffalo (with their major university in the suburbs) or Syracuse (who’s major university is literally walled off from the rest of the city by I-81 and when the medical school wasn’t making money, tossed it on the state back in the 50s).

    • July 29, 2012 at 10:46 pm Rachel responds:

      I never said the colleges are not economic drivers. I just don’t think that’s an argument to exempt them from paying municipalities for services. With that logic, every major company that creates jobs could avoid paying taxes. Oh wait…

      • Yeah, exactly. That was my first thought. We give businesses all kinds of tax breaks why not Rochester’s biggest employer?

      • On principle, I would agree. But if we don’t give tax breaks, another city will, and employment will move there, so its either no tax breaks and fewer jobs or tax breaks and more jobs. Hopefully the increase in sales tax/property tax/income tax from more employees offsets the property tax losses.

    • July 29, 2012 at 10:50 pm Orielly responds:

      Where would the city be without the UR? I think the question should be where would the UR be without Rochester? You know Eastman, Galisano, Strong, Wilson, Wegman, Wilmot etc, and their employees who contributed to their wealth, built and still fund the UR today. And over that time the UR has lived tax free while area taxpayers paid for their police, fire and other services. Strong is a profit making hospital paying no tax. The UR a private school, has asked and received more tax dollars than UB a state school over the last 3 yrs. This city gave them half of GVP park and now multiple parts of Mt Hope and Elmwood ave. Area start ups don’t match UB. UB has a very large City footprint as the South campus and Downtown Pharma school is all within the city as is Millard Filmore the UB Med school. Get your facts straight. We await the UR offer to give tuition or admissions breaks to Roch area students.

  2. Facts? 1) Strong is a not-for-profit, as mandated by NYS for all hospitals. 2) Those donations were quite a while ago except for Golisano who doesn’t live in Rochester, and Wegmen who donates more to Fisher and RIT, most of the current funding is based on donations of alumni. 3) UB got $375,000,000 to move their medical school campus downtown, when URMC wanted a new children’s hospital, they raised $100,000,000 on their own, further, its not as if that money lowered medical school tuition at UB, which is almost $30,000/year (UR is $47k/year with an infinitely better reputation). 4) Much of the land for College Town was already U of R’s, and I think College Town is a better use of it than a parking lot, a Hess station, and a decaying residence hall. 5) UBMed isn’t in Buffalo yet, they barely have a downtown footprint, only their Pharm School and Urban Planning School. 6) Geneseo is 30 minutes away and offers a undergraduate education comprable to UR at a fraction of the cost. Job creators earn tax breaks.

    • July 31, 2012 at 1:31 pm Orielly responds:

      What difference does it make how long ago the BILLLIONS that were given to the UR? Don’t sound very grateful do you. All the ALUM added up every year doesnt come close to match Area Donations. Strong MAKES A PROFIT so does the UR. Whats the POINT of who Wegmans gives more money to, thats their business not YOURS. UB gets the money as they are STATE SCHOOL. Not private as the UR. THE UR should get NO TAX DOLLARS. They are closing in on 1B over 3yrs THE college town land was given to the UR YEARS AGO. Look it up. COLLEGE town gives money to a CLEVELAND developer not a ROCH area company. UR MED VS UB.. who says whats better? WHo knows or cares. UB south Campus IN city of BUFFALO is just as big at the UR. 25K students used that campus alone 25yrs ago its a grad school now.

      • July 31, 2012 at 1:49 pm Orielly responds:

        THE far and away Majority of the UB med school is in the CITY 90% The South campus is all CITY as much as the UR. SO take back that lie. And get over the largest employer thats Propaganda to get the UR more tax dollars. Strong is a hospital, not a College. And the students spend how much in ROCH? Nickles and Dimes. And how many stay here? FEW. They work with City school, yea as part of the Warner school they need to. Do they give breaks to NON CITY students on Admit or Tuition NO. Thanks for the 100yrs of our support. “Golisano who doesn’t live in Rochester” That BS and you know it. Where did he make his money. UR raised 100M SO WHAT? And who did they get it from? What do you get with UR BS degree and a 3.5 GPA at 200K vs a SUNY BS Degree at 60K NOTHING! Where is the value UR?

        • Let’s demolish U of R then, they sound pretty awful. We now have one hospital in the city proper (I guess technically UR doesn’t own Highland like they do Strong, so two if you want to play that game). We would lose 20,000 jobs (that certainly couldn’t be easily replaced) and 10,000 students who spend a lot of money at local businesses. Eastman is also gone because its owned by the evil people of UR, so the RPO probably leaves. Further, we don’t bring in as many young people to stay in the city post-graduation, youth culture that parts of downtown have (South Wedge in particular) probably would evaporate. The students spend more than nickels and dimes in Rochester, they have to do things like entertain themselves and eat food and get groceries.
          I’d rather give my tax dollars to UR, which is the reason Rochester has gained back all the jobs it lost in the Great Recession than anything to do with Midtown or the Scott Congell.

          • August 6, 2012 at 10:08 pm Orielly responds:

            Typical Liberal – you decide where the tax dollars should go.The issue is why does the UR need tax dollars they are a private school with 1.8B in the bank +annual rev in the mult billions. Your pro bias for the UR lacks again facts. The UR gained back the jobs lost in the Recession? First it wasnt the “great Recession” no matter what Obama tells you the recession of 1978 was far worse. And by 4 years of Reagan it was OVER. W/ Obama? Small private business hired far more than the UR. UR has yet to hire anywhere near the 20K jobs lost at Kodak or 3K lost at Xerox. Who cares about the RPO? You DO? You pay for it. Eating food, entertainment by students IS NICKELS and DIMEs. If the UR leaves Strong another hospital MGT organization would open it tomorrow. Again UR owes ROCH far more than ROCH owes the UR. We built it no matter what those in the UR say

  3. July 30, 2012 at 9:59 pm steve l responds:

    Um, nobody says yuppie anymore you hillbilly. 🙂

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