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A University of Rochester researcher found ordering food online makes you fat. Ryan McDevitt, of the Simon Graduate School of Business, looked at a North Carolina pizza shop. People may feel less inhibited when ordering online, so they order more complicated and caloric items. Extra cheese, please!

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“They have the same choices as before, but they’re removing the social transaction costs,” said Mr. McDevitt. “From my own personal experience, I feel more comfortable ordering something online than at the counter.”

He mentioned how customers ordering at Starbucks might be less inclined to make elaborate drink orders as they peek over their shoulder at the line of people behind them, or how women have taken to reading racy content like “Fifty Shades of Grey” on e-readers, which provide anonymity .

Comparing pizza topping choices to “Fifty Shades of Grey?” McDevitt’s paper makes the link:

…because the potential embarrassment experienced from a purchasing a pizza is comparatively limited, an even more dramatic shift in the sales distribution seems likely for more sensitive products when consumers become able to transact anonymously.

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  1. Makes sense. I’ve noticed I do the same thing.

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