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This week in Monroe County, 78 residents will be diagnosed with cancer. Twenty-nine residents will die from the disease.

Those are just some of the sobering statistics in a report by the American Cancer Society called “The Cancer Burden in New York State.” (Monroe County is profiled on page 91.)

Upstate New York has a higher rate of lung cancer than New York City, as it has a higher rate of tobacco use. In Monroe County, 19.1 percent of people smoke.

Between 1994 and 2008, cancer incidence and mortality rates have decreased in Monroe County. Monroe County is better on average than the rest of Upstate at detecting breast, colorectal and lung cancer early.

In Monroe County, the single most common form of cancer is prostate, accounting for 15.7 percent of all cancer diagnoses. Lung cancer is the single most deadly form of cancer, accounting for 28 percent of cancer-related deaths. Breast and colorectal cancers also account for a large number of diagnoses and deaths.

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