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I don’t get coupon-clipping.

I thought the Wegmans Shoppers Card was supposed to make coupons obsolete. I thought the Internet made coupons obsolete. Even Groupons can just be scanned from our phones.

Who has time for coupons? Even if I wanted to save a few bucks on my weekly grocery bill, the time I would spend going through ads is not worth it. It’s like driving all the way to Eastview to return and rebuy an item that’s now on sale to save $5. (I know people who do this.)

Tops Friendly Markets is trying to resurrect coupons by making them digital. You go onto the chain’s website and download your coupons onto your Bonus Card. The Buffalo News reports:


Though the coupons themselves are paperless, customers are urged to print a list of the coupons they’ve added to their cards in order to keep track of which items and varieties are valid for each coupon. Otherwise, there are no signs on shelves or other visible reference in stores to guide them.

Wait, you want me to print my digital coupon list?

Wegmans is also coming up with a similar scheme, according to the story.

There’s no question I could stand to save a few bucks. But my free time is worth something. I’d rather be with family and friends, swimming or blogging. (Maybe I’ll make fifty cents on this post.) I don’t see how this online coupon is any more convenient from a time-saving perspective than clipping paper ones.

I’m just going to keep looking for the yellow sales tags and call it a day.

Links of the Day:

– Syracuse area law enforcement officials fear bath salts could be in schools this fall.

 – You knew this was coming. Niagara Falls sent Nik Wallenda a bill for security.

We are super lucky to live near the Great Lakes during a drought.

Colorado Tragedy:

– “I don’t know if James Holmes cared deeply about Batman. I suspect he cared deeply about seeing himself on the news.” – Roger Ebert on the Aurora shooting.

“America has gotten very good at being shocked by mass shootings.” 

Colorado gun laws are lax.

– The New York Daily News says politicians have blood on their hands in the wake of the Aurora shooting.

One Response to Coupon Clipping…Online?

  1. As I’ve cancelled my Democrat and Chronicle subscription, I see very few paper coupons. I didn’t use them often because I would always find better deals than the one the coupon offered.

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