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When I listed 5 Big (Crazy?) Ideas for Rochester, skatepark proponents piped in about their project.

Roc City Skatepark would go right under 490 between the Genesee River and South Avenue. It would connect to the planned Erie Harbor Promenade.

The skatepark has the support of city officials, but no money. It would cost $2 million to build. The city approved a design grant, but that hasn’t been spent. Jim Maddison, who is spearheading the plan, said in a Facebook message:

Progress is slow, as we anticipated from the beginning. We are still trying to navigate the politics of getting the $50,000 the city approved for us for design fees two years ago. We were attempting to get this though a professional services, sole source contract given that we are the only organization in town that has been working on this for the past four years. But, it appears now that we are going to have to bid on the money.

I’ve always thought this was a cool idea for what would remain completely unused space. In addition, I’m constantly frustrated by teenagers using the Inner Loop as their skating playground. I have called 911 a couple times, fearing they will be hit by cars. It also irks me to see them use the Liberty Pole for stunts.

It would be great to get the skaters a park that could be a regional draw.

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One Response to Slow Going for Skatepark

  1. Back in my youth we would skate to the city from Penfield. We got in trouble wit the police and different security personel for skating on there property. We were always looking for a place to go but never found it.

    We support so many different sports in our schools and it’s time we give the skaters a place to go. It kept me out of trouble and is great exercise. Unlike a fast ferry, I think it is possibly the best idea for the city.

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