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A study that rated companies by customer experiences ranked Disney number one. But other companies are putting on performances, too. Wegmans and Trader Joe’s landed in the top 10. Customer Experience Excellence 2012 by Nunwood found the best firms created a theater-like experience for customers.

The study describes Wegmans as “more like a theme park than a supermarket:”

For these companies delivering brilliant basics is a given. They achieve competitive differentiation by layering a “magic moment” experience on top of service excellence. By seeing service as theatre they combine the elements of design and production to consistently stage “live performances” that wow and delight their customers.


Daniel Wegman CEO of new top 10 entrants Wegmans, describes his stores as “theatres of food supported by almost telepathic levels of customer service”.


Wegmans customers describe how shopping has now become an adventure, an experience to be anticipated, a food theme park that involves the whole family and captivates adults and children alike.


Wegmans and Trader Joes epitomize the customer experience revolution taking place in retail. These organizations have taken the servicescape, atmospherics and decor to a whole new level.


For Wegmans it is about range and theatre, carrying twice the number of stock items as the average supermarket, organized into different cuisine groupings, you meander rather than walk up and down straight aisles, the experience is supported with live demonstrations, education, entertainment for children and even Michelin starred restaurants. Who wouldn’t want to shop there?

– Wegmans is huge. It’s now the 65th largest retailer in the country.

– Trader Joe’s likely won’t open in Pittsford until the fall.

– Syracuse residents, angry their tiny Wegmans has closed, created a “Dear Danny” video:

2 Responses to Wegmans as Theater

  1. How Wegmans treats its employees has a lot to do with their success. People who feel valued will perform better. The same is true of Starbucks.

  2. July 6, 2012 at 7:38 pm sarah j responds:

    I do not shop at Wegmans because of their suburbs-only business model. I have lived within walking distance of both their Culver Road and Mt Hope stores when they were shuttered. I see the devastation that the lack of small groceries has on a neighborhood. Wegmans does not support me as a city resident, I do not support Wegmans as a consumer.

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