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Monroe County will celebrate the opening of six new pickleball courts at Ontario Beach Park today. They will be located on the site of the old basketball courts.

People have been wondering why the basketball courts were closed. Now we know.

County parks director Larry Staub said the basketball courts were badly underutilized and in need of repair. He said they had been closed for a couple seasons and the setup of the space is not conducive to basketball.

Pickleball fans are rejoicing. Basketball lovers…not so much. East High’s principal, who mistook the pickleball courts for tennis courts, tweeted:

Links of the Day:

– An NFL memo outlines what would need to happen for a franchise to move to Los Angeles. Bills fans, take note.

Alcohol sensing equipment could one day be standard in all cars.

Michigan is deploying talking urinal cakes in an effort to deter drunk drivers.

Photo of the Day:

While trying to find pictures of the Ontario Beach Park basketball courts, I came across this one. I’m so glad hair dryers have evolved. The library website says it was taken at the old South Avenue pool:

Formally known as the Rochester Natatorium, the South Avenue pool was the city’s largest indoor pool. Built in 1907 behind the public bath house at 250 South Avenue, the building was brick with a steel truss roof. The pool measured 78 feet long and 45 feet wide. The water depth ranged from 3 to 7 feet. It was frequented by people from all walks of life. The building was demolished in 1968.

1925, South Avenue Pool


8 Responses to Basketball v. Pickleball

  1. OMG! Next thing ya know they’ll move the Lake bus loop down to the old Piehler’s car lot @ W. Ridge and Lake Ave.

    Maybe the old dance and picnic pavillions could host bridge and cribbage tournies for the non-pickle ballers.

    Where’s Sammy Kaye when you need him.

  2. re Natatorium: speaking of accidents in a pool, the old Nat wasn’t what you’d call a pristine swimming experience. The City bit the bullet when it literally became a health hazzard and a huge liability for them to run.

  3. July 3, 2012 at 10:10 am lynn e responds:

    Who provides the pickle when someone wins? The city?

  4. It’s a County Park. Besides, the City is fresh out of pickles.

  5. July 3, 2012 at 1:19 pm lynn e responds:

    Then Maggie should be ready to supply a pickle. When you win pickleball you are supposed to eat a large pickle. How did the county target basketball courts? Seems to be a game many African Americans enjoy playing. Why not encourage people to play and do the work necessary to play the game? Maybe the conditions of the courts were theq problem?q

    • At the suburban YMCA’s they’re reserving half-courts for Pickle Ball clubs & tourney play. It seems the boomers are demanding such. And boomers do rule.

      Isn’t pickle ball outdoor table tennis w/o the table?

      About that pickle thingy – sweet or sour?

  6. Bravo for parks and Rec.
    We in British Columbia Canada have lots of basketball courts that could allow all ages to play ” pickleball” . We need more sports that are user friendly and easy to play for exercise. The old one do not cut it !
    Best Regards,
    Chuck Lefaive

    • CL in B.C.: just as long as they don’t statrt converting some of our B-Ball courts into curling rinks. We got enough folks throwing stones around down here.

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