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– It came as no surprise Ontario Beach Park was again listed as most-closed beach because of water quality. But it was surprising to read in the Democrat and Chronicle Monroe County is not prepared to move forward with an algae pump that worked to reduce problem bacteria. The pump was tested by the Army Corps of Engineers last summer. The county said it doesn’t have the cash to buy the necessary equipment:

During a month-long test, a portable pump set up at the beach’s eastern end sucked up the aquatic plant-like organisms and deposited them into the nearby Genesee River.

“All the parties involved felt the demonstration project appeared to go very well, and everyone seemed very positive that this is something that should be pursued,” said John Ricci, a spokesman for the Monroe County Health Department.

But the system would require an initial outlay of $400,000 and $30,000 to $40,000 a year in operating money, he said. And the county doesn’t have the money in its budget, according to Ricci and David Rinaldo, deputy director of county parks.

Despite its problems, Ontario Beach Park is a big destination for swimming. Durand-Eastman is a little off the beaten path. Hamlin is far for city residents. Do you think the algae pump is a worthwhile investment?

– Xerox put together a cool graphic explaining health insurance exchanges.

– The Washington Post has a nifty tool to figure out if the health care law will affect your finances and ability to get insurance.

– A short column in The Economist says there’s reason to be optimistic about Buffalo and Rochester.

– Clinique salespeople will no longer bother you when you’re browsing lipsticks. After all, no one wants to be put in the dreaded makeup chair!

5 Responses to Something to Pump Money Into?

  1. How much is a 400K initial expense plus 40K a year in the grand scheme of things?

  2. June 28, 2012 at 11:26 pm Eric Brown responds:

    Instead of installing a pump, why not modify the break wall so that some of the water flowing out the Genesee enters into the area that is currently stagnant. After the initial construction costs to modify the break wall, it would be self sustaining and the natural flow of the river would prevent stagnant water along the beach for algae to thrive.

  3. It is absolutely CRAZY that the County and City can’t work this out. We have a pilot program here that showed success. We have a monster problem, from both an environmental and quality of life for Rochester citizens. And the County wont fund it? This is nuts people. Where can we email / call to complain? Rochester needs the beach back!

  4. June 29, 2012 at 2:32 pm lynn e responds:

    We need to upgrade the sewage system which is a huge problem. And what was the effect on the Genssee river which emptiesq out intqo Lakeq Ontario?

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