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“Links of the Day” follows some pictures of long-ago Memorial Days in Rochester.

Memorial Day Parade, 1930

Civil War Veterans Marching in 1919

Airscouts, 1918 (note Sibley building in distance)

Memorial Day Gathering, Washington Square Park 1909

Memorial Day ceremony at Mt. Hope Cemetery, 1900

Links of the Day:

– Beware of creepy men in parks! Because any man sitting on a bench drinking coffee with kids around is clearly a pedophile.

– This is bizarre. An Albany Times Union editor thinks police conducted a prostitution raid on his wife’s spa because of articles the paper wrote. The story involves a detective who stripped naked for a massage, too.

– Tissue Alert! A young Central New York with terminal cancer had one final request.

– That guitar man by the Inner Loop is playing a Guns N’ Roses tune.

– Ithaca’s mayor gave up his parking space for public space!

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2 Responses to Memorial Days Past

  1. May 25, 2012 at 2:24 pm Rich responds:

    Re: “Beware of creepy men in parks”

    As a father of two small kids who worked at home, I often took my son and daughter to local parks at lunchtime. It was very, very clear to me that the mothers who were there with their kids instantly assumed I was some sort of creep, until they noticed I had two kids with me. In one instance, I had a woman come up and demand that I leave until I could “prove I had a child” with me.

    Honestly, some people are simply too paranoid to be allowed to have children.

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