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– It’s official. The dream of a law school in downtown Rochester is dead. In 2008, St. John Fisher College announced it was exploring the possibility. Initial surveys indicated it’s feasible. Then the recession hit, a lot of lawyers couldn’t find work and raising capital became difficult.

Mayor Tom Richards told 13WHAM News a law school here would have to be different:

“I think what they (Fisher) found in the study, because I actually read it the work that they did, is they would have to find a way to have something about the law school that was unique,” Mayor Richards said. “So you weren’t just another law school because the other was sixty miles away or ninety miles away, I don’t think that’s enough.”

Communications Bureau, City of Rochester

Saying the law school idea is dead is stating the obvious. However, the college hasn’t been very transparent throughout the process. While Fisher is a private institution, it was allocated state dollars for seed money. Those dollars have been diverted to other things at the college, with the state’s blessing.

It’s frustrating Rochester’s college students don’t have more of a presence downtown. Many people were excited about the possibility of a law school. I always thought the Sibley Building looks very law school-ish.

It wasn’t meant to be, at least for now.

– Washington, D.C.’s mayor wants a Wegmans. The chain, which is developing an urban model, is exploring several sites, including the Walter Reed army hospital.

– Check out Buffalo’s superintendent finalists. One of them is the interim superintendent. The other two are current or former assistant superintendents in large urban districts. Buffalo’s pool makes Rochester’s argument that highly qualified people were scared away by a public process look specious.

City News did a piece on the downtown housing tax credit, looking at the pros and cons. As I’ve pointed out, the stats prove it’s a lousy program.

– Putting a Tim Horton’s on the city-bound side of East Henrietta Rd. is considered by one town official to be “urban renewal.”

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  1. Yep, that’s what we need, more lawyers downtown.

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