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Links of the Day:

– Minors in New York State can get body piercings in “places the sun don’t shine” without parental consent, reports the New York Post:

New York has a minimum age to receive a tattoo: 18. And to drink alcohol: 21.

You must be 18 to legally purchase a pack of smokes. At 16, you may apply for a learner’s permit to drive.

But the minimum age to get your skin, mouth or private parts breached by a potentially infection-causing needle:


State Senator Joe Robach referred to the report in legislation he submitted last week to require parental consent. Robach also supports a bill restricting minors from using tanning beds.

– Why do education reformers refuse to discuss integrating schools? It’s the only thing proven to help close the achievement gap.

– A Pittsford man’s cell phone won’t stop ringing. He is a likely victim of “spoofing.”

– Jim Boeheim earns more than Syracuse University’s chancellor and got a 33% percent raise in 2010.

Women basketball players earn 200 times less than their male counterparts.

– The Kennedy curse? It’s how they treat women.

Here come the Canada geese!

SNL says goodbye to Kristen Wiig.

One Response to Minors Can Get Body Piercings

  1. I love body art and I think this is just good sense. Most of my fellow lovers of body art agree. The results are permanent in one way or another and you don’t always understand that when you are a kid. Whenever my nieces and nephews roll their eyes at their parents’ admonition that they have to wait before they get more than their ears pierced they look to me and are confused by their (pierced and painted) aunt’s lack of support.

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