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Links of the Day:

– How would you feel if a police officer saw your car was unlocked, reached in and locked it? Troy, N.Y. police want to do just that after a rash of break-ins, but residents are concerned about privacy:

The city police department is considering having officers walking a beat keeping a close eye on parked cars in an attempt to cut down on thefts of iPads, GPS devices and other items left behind in unattended vehicles.

“There are a number of issues: liability, privacy, personal responsibility,” Councilwoman Nina Nichols, chairwoman of the council’s Public Safety Committee, said Wednesday.

Deputy Chief Richard McAvoy said the proposal is for officers to check parked cars. If the vehicles are unlocked, the officer would open the door, put in a blue form advising the resident of the situation and the officer would then lock the vehicle.

I didn’t have a huge problem with this, but I received several tweets like this one:

[tweet https://twitter.com/Dan_Gross/status/203094822238687232]


– When I covered the fast ferry, George Conboy of Brighton Securities was my go-to guy for deciphering financial information. He quickly became a critic of the project, saying the numbers weren’t adding up. George is in Morocco right now on vacation and rode our old ferry!

– Can the Finger Lakes Racetrack survive another 10 years? The Democrat and Chronicle has a great look at the track’s future challenges, as it celebrates 50 years in business.

– Nik Wallenda is at risk of losing sponsors if he doesn’t wear a safety harness during his tightrope over Niagara Falls. Politicians were totally cool with it. Businesses, though, are showing some sanity.

РTwins Steve and Mike Barnes have worked at 13WHAM News for decades. Magnum photographers took this awesome picture of them.

More women – even wealthy ones – are coloring their hair at home.

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