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A federal appeals court ruled the Town of Greece favored Christianity when it started every meeting with a prayer. The court sent the case back down to the federal court in Rochester, the Democrat and Chronicle first reported. The judges wrote:

“We conclude, on the record before us, that the town’s prayer practice must be viewed as an endorsement of a particular religious viewpoint. This conclusion is supported by several considerations, including the prayer-giver selection process, the content of the prayers, and the contextual actions (and inactions) of prayer-givers and town officials.


Christian clergy delivered each and every one of the prayers for the first nine years of the town’s prayer practice, and nearly all of the prayers thereafter.

You can read the court’s decision below. I found it to be fascinating discussion about church and state.

4 Responses to Did Greece Favor Christianity?

  1. What a great win for the separation of church and state! Keep religion out of government. It has no place there.

  2. May 17, 2012 at 4:09 pm Reggie Henderson responds:

    When I was young, the members of my church believed that The Bible was God’s exact and only instruction book and that we were a small minority that truly desired and succeeded in understanding and following those instructions correctly. I think back then that most religious organizations had a similar feeling of being a small minority of the only ones who were correct. Because of that feeling of uniqueness, we constantly included in our prayers thanks for being to worship freely and without persecution or interference. Since then my church (and I would imagine others) has become a bit more ecumenical and there’s a greater feeling of shared cause with other types of churches that identify themselves as Christian. It’s nice that minds have opened this way, but an unfortunate side-effect is that now there’s more of a feeling that we’re all in agreement on many things and these beliefs should be promoted in the sphere of government. Yes, now that we no longer feel like a minority grateful that we can worship freely, we feel like a majority intent on having our beliefs guide the government’s law-making decisions. Oh well…

  3. How about the county leg prays before each meeting.

  4. May 18, 2012 at 3:55 am lynn e responds:

    Why does anyone have to pray at a town meeting, and who decided to do so and why? I think you’ll find the answer pretty quickly after that. Prayer certainly didn’t stop schandal from coming to Greece.

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