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– University Ave. looks like a war zone right now as the second phase of Art Walk takes shape. The street is torn up, along with the Memorial Art Gallery grounds. The museum is building a sculpture plaza and the city is building the second phase of Art Walk.

John and Laurie Greco, Meeting PlaceThe extension will provide the critical mass of art and substance the original Art Walk lacks. While pretty, the first phase is too short. Soon, there will be plenty to see along University Ave. and Goodman St. between Village Gate and the Rochester Museum and Science Center. There will be artsy benches and bike racks. There will even be poetry inscribed on the sidewalks!

In an unusual mix of art and infrastructure, the city is spending $6 million on this phase of Art Walk. That includes the (seemingly endless) reconstruction of University Ave., which will be done in August.

If the Inner Loop is filled in, I can imagine an Art Walk that extends beyond Union St. right to Eastman Theatre.

– Speaking of public art, this is a really weird campaign in Minneapolis.

– Wegmans is now in the gluten-free business big-time. But experts say not many people actually need to give up gluten.

– We’ve heard of plastic bag bans. How about a plastic straw ban?

– “I think sometimes when young guys are drafted, they think, ‘Oh my God, Buffalo.'”

4 Responses to Art Walk…Almost There

  1. Love it. If the Arts district could connect to the East End (via filled-in Inner Loop) and we put the money the RBTL wants from the city for a new theater into cleaning up East Main St instead – we could really have something!

  2. It’s been somewhat frustrating for me and other nearby residents, but by the plans I am very much looking forward to the finished project.

  3. May 15, 2012 at 8:55 pm Carlos Mercado responds:

    It’ll be really great.

  4. May 15, 2012 at 9:13 pm Steve Didas responds:

    Art Walk looks like its going to turn out amazing. I hope they don’t fill in the inner loop though. Its makes commuting through downtown so much easier.

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