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More Links of the Day:

– Windstream, faced with a falling landline business, is making a big push into data and broadband. The company plans to invest $1 billion into the strategy, which includes opening new data centers. The Associated Press reports:

Windstream still has the greater part of its business in phone lines and residential bundles of phone, Internet and satellite TV services, which reach customers in mainly rural areas in more than two dozen states.

But it’s targeting the data end of the market in urban and rural areas as large and small businesses turn to cloud computing and other data outsourcing.

Windstream’s purchase of PAETEC greatly helped the effort.

Meanwhile, Frontier had a shaky first quarter, with earnings down 51 percent. The company lost 9 percent of its business and residential landline customers.

In the earnings call, CEO Mary Agnes Wilderotter said the company was investing in Frontier’s broadband network. Over-the-top video services are important to the future. She said Frontier is now poised for growth because it’s fully-integrated Verizon’s landline business.

One financial blogger thinks Frontier is a good takeover target for Windstream because it would give Windstream more urban and suburban customers. It would be another interesting example of the local telecom scene changing rapidly and having a real impact on the employment and downtown landscape.

– A Park Ave. apartment building is infested with bedbugs, according to tenants.

– Can you get around Gannett’s paywall and is it even ethical? My friend (and my technical guru for this website), Tom Belknap, has the answer to the first part of the question. It’s up to you to decide the second part.

– Police in Australia are telling parents not to let their children walk anywhere alone. I didn’t realize children were alone when they’re out in public surrounded by other citizens. If you feel like rebelling against this nonsense, mark your calendars for Take Your Child to the Park…and Leave Them There Day. You might want to skip this holiday if you live in Australia because you could be arrested.

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