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Art Walk along University Avenue is about to get more art.

The mayor asked city council to approve a $27,000 contract with an artist to create three artistic benches. There are other contracts in the works for more benches and a bike rack. The designs were chosen by a community panel. The money comes from a federal grant.

The pieces should be installed by the fall. The street is undergoing some infrastructure work and a public plaza is being built at the Goodman and University.

Check out the selections below and learn more about the project here:

Mauro Cringoli and Peter Roetzer, Hyper Rack


John and Laurie Greco, Meeting Place


John Dodd, Deflected Reflection


John Dodd, Would You Come Join Us?


Roberley Bell, Blob Bench


Opposites Attract, Scott Grove


Boulder Sphere, Dejan Pejovic