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– Students at a Massachusetts high school love Wegmans so much, they’ve written a play – complete with song and dance. Wegmans recently moved into the state and has taken shoppers by storm. The Worcester Telegram and Gazette reports:

The musical focuses on the relationship between twin brothers — Teddy, a manager at the new Wegmans, and Roy, who works at a mediocre competitor, the fictitious Acme Food Store. Roy, long jealous of his brother, sends a spy to work at Wegmans to sabotage the store and humiliate Teddy. But the spy falls in love with the store and a Wegmans employee, and struggles with whose side to take.

Morrison emphasized that while the musical is campy humor, it doesn’t mock or criticize Wegmans.

“It definitely is a celebration of Wegmans,” she said.

And how does Wegmans feel about all this?

“We’re really excited to go see it,” said Bill Congdon, Wegmans’ New England division manager. “We’re honored that the students want to do it.”

Wegmans is even helping with the production, believed to be the first play about the chain.

When does it make a stop in Rochester?

– Wegmans is running into opposition to its plans for a liquor store upstairs from its new Maryland location. State law says grocery stores can’t have liquor licenses. A local man there would own 10 percent, but 90 percent would be owned by Colleen Wegman’s husband. Small stores are protesting to the state liquor board.

– The City of Rochester has been touting the conversion of the Alliance Building into housing. But there’s one problem. The project is long dead.

– High school baseball teams are dealing with new rules for bats intended to make play safer and more fair.

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  1. May 2, 2012 at 2:24 pm Kevin Yost responds:

    If I am ever able to, I have thought about writing musicals on a lot of different subjects over the years. One subject was a musical about working at Walmart that I thought of years ago. I have worked there for 12 years.

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