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Seneca Park Zoo

Rochester newsrooms got quite a chuckle when Monroe County sent out a press release titled, “BROOKS, ZOO OFFICIALS ANNOUNCE GIANT STEP IN POLAR BEAR REPRODUCTION.”

The press release had this line:

“Monroe County is now positioned at the forefront of the preservation of polar bear species…

It turns out, Monroe County is at the forefront of a lot of things, in addition to polar bear insemination.

Forensic Science: “This Crime Lab now puts us at the forefront in forensic science…”

Alternative Fuel: “Our Alternative Fuel Conversion Program stands at the forefront of nationwide efforts in discovering new and improved energy sources…”

Public Works: “Honors such as the State’s APWA ‘Project of the Year’ and ‘Technical Innovation’ awards put our community at the forefront of public works efforts…

It’s good to know our government is so accomplished. While Brooks is at the forefront, the governor is making history.

2 Responses to At the Forefront

  1. What we are not at the forefront is Telecommunications infrastructure. We need fiber to the premessis. We need it now. Frontier won’t do it. TWC is too dependent on old business models. RIT students quite literally leave the area over this. Small companies often have to make due with shoddy and slow connections. If nothing is done about this, we will soon be like a city without a phone system that still relies on telegraph in the 1950s.

  2. May 1, 2012 at 9:13 pm Lisa responds:

    Pat is right. Lack of fiber is beginning to be a real problem. Want to grow this city? Fiber’s gonna have to be a part of it for the businesses.

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