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Facebook image published in Times Union

– Why is it that everyone caught up in a scandal has a damning Facebook page?

The Buffalo area state trooper at the center of a prostitution investigation has a bunch of questionable photos of himself, reports the Albany Times Union:

(Titus) Taggart’s Facebook page depicts several photographs in which he is holding what appears to be bottles of alcohol. One photo depicts a sexually charged cartoon rendering of a woman holding a gun and wearing a police uniform augmented with lingerie. The depiction shows the woman standing in front of a heart that is adorned with yellow police tape and the words “busted.”

Taggart and two Rochester area troopers are suspended.

A Forbes columnist advises people to protect their pages before getting caught up in a scandal. Hey, you never know. Taggart’s page has been taken down, but not before the Times Union grabbed every photo.

Trust me, the privacy settings are not that hard!

– Kodak released its first-quarter earnings, which show a loss of $366 million. I hope to have more perspective later in the day. So far, analysts have some questions.

– Medley Centre must be “demalled.” The Democrat and Chronicle has a great update (or non-update) on what’s happening with the property. The developer’s plans are on the right track, but he doesn’t appear to have financing.

– Irondequoit police alerted the community to a man in a black van who approached a girl and offered her a ride. What a kidnapper stereotype! I often wonder if these reports are fabricated or exaggerated by children scared by years of stranger danger training.

Ever notice how these men who allegedly approach children almost never materialize? When was the last time a kid was snatched by a scary man in a van around here? (Never…) Kids are going to come in contact with adults and some of them are creeps. Just move on, like this girl did.

Update: Irondequoit police found the scary van driver! He’s not a would-be kidnapper, after all.

– The Democrat and Chronicle has a new food and drink section called Flavors and a business section called ROCNext.

People like food porn.

4 Responses to Protect Your Page

  1. “When was the last time a kid was snatched by a scary man in a van around here? (Never…)”

    The Double Initial murders.

  2. Or whether they knew him…

    I agree, Rachel. We’re all scared to death of our shadows, and we’re raising our kids the same way!

  3. I wonder how Gannett’s newspaper business would be doing if they kept their most talented journalists and pushed the people responsible for “clever” renaming and coming up with “bold” new products (imitating what others are doing successfully) that they then don’t give enough resources to be successful into early retirement?

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