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When you think of a graffiti artist, Ian Wilson is not the guy who comes to mind.

The Brooklyn native is a 38-year-old radiologist at University of Rochester Medical Center. Urban wall art happens to be his passion.

“I grew up around graffiti artists. My brother used to paint the subways in the 80s,” Wilson said.

Last summer, Wilson gathered a team of artists from around the world and Rochester to for an event painting murals around town. He found many willing building owners.

“Rochester has a lot of walls,” he said. “This place is pretty gray half the year. (The murals) add color and imagery to the city.”

Image from TEDx Rochester

In July, Wilson is organizing a second wall-painting extravaganza around the Public Market. He calls it “Wall Therapy.” He’s bringing in artists from Africa, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Belgium. He’d like Rochester to be known for wall art.

“It’s a benefit to any city when you can stimulate the imagination. That’s the power of mural art, to elicit a visceral reaction. That’s what art does.”

Wilson has been funding the bulk of the project, kicking in most of the $16,000 needed last year. Next year, he’d like to find walls along El Camino Trail.

“Where should art live? It can live in public.”

2 Responses to Mural Man

  1. May 2, 2012 at 9:24 am Carlos Mercado responds:

    Fascinating art. Beautiful picture. I’m so glad that he got building owners’ permission. When people spray paint on public spaces and private property without permission, whatever artistic merit the may achieve is lost in the fact that they vandalized property, and that is just plain wrong.

  2. May 18, 2012 at 12:42 pm truth responds:

    Ummm. When did mural artist mean graffiti artist. Graffiti is not legal, and once you do something on a wall and have permission it becomes arosal art or whatever you poser toys wanna call it. But don’t say your graff artist because your just a regular boring artist.

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