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City of Rochester

Links of the Day:

– Rochester is really stepping up efforts to become a bicycle-friendly city. You may have noticed new bike lanes and sharrows around town. Other initiatives involve biking trails. The city is steadily building the Genesee Riverway Trail and will open a new bridge near the University of Rochester. The El Camino trail is nearing completion.

This week, the city issued a request for proposals for a design and construction of seven trail connections:

  • Harding / Brewster Park to Turning Point Park
  • St. Paul Street Trailhead
  • Vincent Street Open Space
  • Plymouth Avenue Greenway Connector
  • South Wedge Neighborhood Connectors (2 separate trail connections)
  • Genesee Valley Park Connector

The cost of the project is $1.5 million. Eighty percent of the money comes from federal sources. A couple years ago, the city developed a Bicycle Master Plan, outlining ways the city can improve bike access.

– Did you know New York beekeepers sometimes take their bees out of state to help pollinate crops? That could be one of the factors in bee diseases.

– Gym towel thefts are a problem. Why would anyone want one of those thin, little towels?

– Bears interrupt a Scranton, Pennsylvania TV newscast. The anchorman jokes perhaps a tiger will show up.

HOW much does it cost to play Little League?

5 Responses to Bike Trail City

  1. Excellent! FYI – just heard you on WCMF (4/24). Don’t let that fake poster bother you. It’s important to get information like this out there. You’re providing a great service.

  2. Oh. Is this why St. Paul is now one-lane in each direction?

    I just LOVE crawling along to work each morning so that the bicycle lanes can sit empty and unused.

    • April 24, 2012 at 9:55 pm Rachel responds:

      Definitely part of it. The city did same on Mt. Hope near downtown.

      The city calls it “traffic-calming.”

    • May 3, 2012 at 1:10 pm Zack responds:

      I use these lanes every-day and don’t have to fear for my life (as much) from people who don’t understand what 30 mph means.

      Traffic in Rochester is a joke. I was just in Worcester, MA (which is quite smaller than Rochester) and they sit in traffic for ages.

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