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More Links of the Day:

- In the above video, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said something that really bothered me:

“My parents borrowed $1,000 from each my grandmothers to put a $2,000 down payment on a house in Livingston. They did it because they wanted me to get the best public education I could. I know if they hadn’t done that and I had gone to Newark public schools, I probably would not be standing here as governor today.”

Aside from implying an entire generation of children in Newark will likely be failures, his statement is problematic.

I went to a low-performing urban school – John Marshall High School – and went to Cornell. I had great teachers and access to advanced courses. In other words, the education was there for the taking.

The worst part about going to Marshall was seeing classmates not achieve their potential. Was that the school’s fault? There were low expectations and dysfunction, but that doesn’t fully explain why some kids did well and others didn’t. Family, community and personal choices also play a big role.

If you think my Marshall example is too dated, check out East High School. It’s been on the state’s bad schools list for a while now, but consistently sends students to the Ivy League.

Would Chris Christie have been governor had he attended Marshall? My guess is yes.

- Speaking of Governor Christie, he and Governor Cuomo are on a list of most popular governors.

- The Democrat and Chronicle has a new electronic edition of the newspaper, free for a short time. I don’t see the need for this product, which is akin to a PDF version of the paper. 

- This week’s food column in City Newspaper is full of great tidbits, such as Tap and Mallet opening a place in Corn Hill Landing. There are also details on a local restaurant week.