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Links of the Day:

- In the dead of the night, the Rochester City School District announced two finalists for superintendent, Bolgen Vargas and Andre Spencer. A third candidate, Tomas Hanna, must have dropped out or didn’t make the cut.

Vargas and Spencer share something in common – a lack of administrative experience. Spencer, a school improvement chief in Houston, is a young man, considering he graduated college in 1997. Vargas went from guidance counselor to interim superintendent, though he was president of the Rochester school board for a time.

It’s curious a national search produced these two candidates. People have wondered all along if the fix was in for Vargas. Another explanation could be outside candidates rightly or wrongly perceived Vargas as the popular shoo-in and didn’t want to waste their time.

Sources say there are some on the school board who wanted to broaden the search and go back to the drawing board. Those forces clearly did not win out.

During next week’s meet-and-greet’s with the candidates, it’s important to ask Vargas this question: Do you plan on staying in Rochester? Don’t assume because Vargas has spent his career here that he will remain. He was recently awarded his doctorate and Rochester could be a nice stepping stone – especially if he is selected and does a good job.

Update: School Board member Van White says the search process needs to start over.

- Monday night’s homicide victim preached against violence. This is a sad story.

- A Gates-Chili coach is not letting paralysis slow him down

- Fender benders may become a thing of the past. Why? Our cars will talk to each other.

- Instagram can thank Kodak for its billion dollars.