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– Monroe County falls in the lower half of New York State’s 62 counties when it comes to health, ranking 37th. The County Health Rankings and Roadmap report compiled an enormous amount of data on every county in the nation in an easy-to-use interactive map. Here are some results for our area:

  • Monroe County ranks near the bottom in percentage of fast food restaurants. We have 499 fast food restaurants, 48 percent of the total.
  • Monroe County ranks near the bottom in obesity, with 30 percent of residents obese.
  • Nineteen percent of Monroe County residents smoke, about the average in New York State. In Orleans County, 27 percent of residents smoke.
  • Sixteen percent of residents engage in excessive drinking.
  • Monroe County ranks 8th for access to clinical care and percentage of people insured.

– Assemblyman Joe Morelle has taken up the cause of legalizing Mixed-Martial Arts. After all, he used to do karate.

– State Senator George Maziarz is getting heat for not withdrawing his version of the Stand Your Ground law.

– A suburban Buffalo school district wants kids who live close to school to walk, prompting a Buffalo News column about why this makes sense.

– Major cell phone carriers are creating a database of stolen phones, to make sure they can’t be reactivated. What took so long?

– Going to the “Canadian ballet” could take on a whole new meaning.

One Response to Fast Food Rochester?

  1. Think new BurgerKing’s ad’s “Manager” is Creepy like HERB in disasterous old ad+BK’s Bourne Identity ref line even makes him an Enemy/Dork/Poor Choice as a BRAND icon. Even the Bacon drink or Jay Leno or other celeb’s won’t fix this.

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