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– Gambling is illegal in Rochester. The language in the City Code is pretty clear:

§ 44-12. Gambling.

A. No person shall knowingly keep or use, or permit to be kept or used, any gambling device or devices or gambling establishment or establishments.

B. No person shall knowingly be an inmate of a gambling establishment or any place where such aforementioned gambling devices are kept or used.

C. No person shall knowingly engage in any game or games of chance as banker, dealer, player or otherwise.

D. No person shall knowingly rent any building or portion thereof for the purposes of keeping or using any gambling device or devices or as a gambling establishment.

E. It is the duty of every member of the Police Department to take all lawful means to suppress any and all gambling devices, gambling establishments or games of chance and to seize any such devices and, upon conviction of the owner of such hereunder, to destroy the said devices upon the order of a judge of the City Court.

Municipal gambling laws have proven to be an obstacle to a state gambling expansion in Illinois. The state granted cities and towns the right to apply for video poker licenses, but many of them have old laws on the books forbidding gambling. Oops.

How big of a stumbling block would Rochester city law be to an entity wanting to open a casino?  Not much, if Native Americans are behind the effort. A federal judge’s ruling made the Senecas’ Buffalo casino property sovereign territory. If the state constitution is amended to permit non-Indian casinos, it’s possible Rochester City Council would have to give to the okay before a casino can operate here.

Technically, gambling is illegal in the State of New York, but exceptions have been carved out over time for state-run lottery, racetracks and OTB parlors.

There are a lot of “ifs” and Rochester officials don’t believe a casino will happen anytime soon.

– Wegmans is no longer allowing a Muslim cashier to refuse to check out pork and alcohol products.

– There’s been more drama among Rochester’s falcons. Unity was hit by a car and killed. Archer is missing. Beauty is recovered and back downtown, but will Beauty mate with DC?

– Funerals are tough assignments. Even when the press is invited, I feel like an intruder. But the end result can be a beautiful tribute. During the Larie Butler funeral, several reporters tweeted what was happening. Tastefully done, it’s acceptable.

Is your dog a Democrat or Republican?

One Response to Does City Law Forbid Casinos?

  1. Oh my such a hornet’s nest of an issue. The social libertarian in me says “heck with it, someone wants to risk their life savings we should let them.” However, coming from a family with more than a few compulsive gamblers, my heart wants to keep it illegal.

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