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Links of the Day:

– Want to map out Rochester bars? The New York State Liquor Authority unveiled a very useful tool that maps out bars, liquor stores and pending applications. It tells you how many liquor licenses are within a selected distance. It also tells you how many schools and churches are nearby. With one click, you can find out the owner of an establishment and the disciplinary record.

In Rochester, the East End, Monroe Ave. and and South Wedge bar districts were immediately evident. This tool could be useful for city planners eager to highlight entertainment districts or figure out where police resources may be needed. It could also be useful for neighborhood leaders and prospective business owners.

– Sprawl is on the decline, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The nation’s cities and inner-ring suburbs saw population growth. This is not the case in Rochester, however, as the map in the article shows. The population stayed relatively flat over the last decade. Ontario County actually saw an increase in residents.

– Would you be better off in another city? A cool online tool helps you make comparisons in salary, housing and quality of life.

– Rochester and Buffalo have interim school superintendents. Buffalo’s write-up of Amber Dixon sounds like it could have been written about Bolgen Vargas.

Carousel Center’s expansion continues.

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