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Links of the Day:

- Wegmans, which just opened its first store in Massachusetts, is now scouting locations in Boston, reports the Boston Globe. The store would likely be an “urban model” that Wegmans is looking to build in nearby Newton:

“We believe we belong in Boston, not just in the suburbs,” Wegman said.


Wegman said he is fascinated with the Boston market because it is the most highly educated and densely populated market the chain has ever served, but it is also a scary experience to change its successful model.

“In some ways, coming to Boston is terrifying. Going from 130,000 feet to 70,000, you’re making an enormous amount of guesses,” Wegman said. “This is a big deal for us.”

Boston’s mayor is trying to recruit the store.

Wegmans has only one remaining store in the City of Rochester, though many are right outside city limits. It would be nice to see Wegmans “change its successful model” and open  an urban prototype store in Rochester in the future, though it’s clear having a “highly educated and densely populated” area is important. We’re not there yet.

- Why are we fixated on hoodies and not guns in the Trayvon Martin shooting?

- Why aren’t we also marching about black on black crime? Juan Williams wants to know.

- The pink slime defenders are lining up.

- I blogged about running into a high school classmate whom I hadn’t seen since he was shot – in school. A while back, I blogged about an elementary school classmate whose story didn’t turn out as well.