City of Rochester Communications Bureau

    Politicians will gather Monday to mark the groundbreaking of the Windstream building at Midtown. This will be the first construction on the site since the city and state announced the demolition of the former shopping mall and office complex in 2007. It’s a significant milestone.

    But serious questions remain about the rest of the development site. Midtown Tower, which I’ve always thought was the most important piece, still needs financing. The tower is important because it would bring housing and first-floor retail. (Grocery store, perhaps?)

    There’s no clear vision for the remaining parcels. The city is not interested in a performing arts center, though Buffalo’s theater is a huge economic engine. A casino is highly unlikely and the mayor has said he doesn’t want one downtown.

    What do we want to see on the rest of the property? How much input should the public have? Should it really take 10 years, as the mayor has indicated, to fill in the site?

    Links of the Day:

    - Governor Andrew Cuomo is such a micro-manager, Crain’s quotes an insider who said:

    “He is so unbelievably involved in almost everything,” said an Albany insider of Mr. Cuomo. “On one level, it’s very impressive because he’s a machine in the way he works. But it’s also completely paralyzing and debilitating because [agencies] can’t go to the bathroom without him giving the go-ahead.”

    - What is Cuomo hiding? An Albany Times Union columnist writes about the governor’s secret records from his time as attorney general:

    The governor is thoroughly steeped in hypocrisy when it comes to transparency. The more he utters the word, the less he pays attention to it.

    - The former Erie County Executive is taking on Rep. Kathy Hochul in the 27th District race. This is the Buffalo version of Maggie v. Louise.

    - Why does iced coffee cost more?